3 Signs Indicating That Someone Is Suffering From A Post Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD) And How To Help Them

You have probably heard about PTSD. But, there is also a PNSD or Post Narcissist Stress Disorder. Life with a narcissist is not an easy one. They are usually abusive and manipulative, and they gaslight their victims. Everything is about them.

When people get free of a narcissist, they may experience anger, depression, anxiety, or helplessness. These people tend to act similarly like people with PTSD. In this article, we offer you three signs that someone is suffering from a PNSD.

1. Flashbacks

A person who has PNSD can experience flashbacks to the time they spent with the narcissist. It can happy because of many reasons. Sometimes, there are triggers that cause a person to experience the flashbacks.

Reliving the time that a person has spent with the narcissist may happen as a nightmare or as a flashback, as explained by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It may feel very realistic, so they may even think they are experiencing everything again.

Specific behaviors, smells, places, words, or sounds can be triggers. Numerous people who have PNSD may have troubles dealing with the emotions of others. They may even experience a flashback of someone gets angry with them.

The person who survived may experience flashbacks to the time of manipulation from the narcissist, and this may cause extreme paranoia, and they may be afraid that everyone around them is a manipulator.

Also, they may feel like they are in some game in which they can never win.

2. Avoidance

These people may even avoid some situations, and this may develop in avoiding things, people, activities, places, and sometimes emotions too. Usually, narcissists use anger and manipulation to have control over someone.

So, the survivor may avoid things that remind them of the behavior of the narcissist. Since narcissists gaslight their victims that their emotions are harmful, the survivor may even become emotionally avoidant.

3. Not Easy to Return to Normal Life

Not being able to easily return to normal life is a very big symptom of PNSD. Someone who is trying to get their life back, they may experience anxiety, depression, and paranoia, since life with a narcissist is not a good journey.

Often, the survivors need to learn how to adapt to the “new normal.” Luckily, Mayo Clinic informs that people who have gone through traumatic events can go back to normal with enough self-care and time.

Help a Survivor

When you learn these symptoms, it can be helpful because you can detect if someone has difficulties. So, if you want to help a person with PNSD, we offer you some ways that can be useful.

1. Be a Good Listener

Let a survivor speak because they want to tell you their story. Do not interrupt them, and try to understand what they are saying. If the conversation becomes too intense, let it end. Also, let them know that you are hearing them.

2. Validate How They Are Feeling

There are no good or bad emotions, the most important thing is to have them. No matter how the survivor is feeling, you need to validate their feelings. Often, survivors have to learn again how to use their emotions.

3. Be Their Support

When a survivor is free from a relationship with a narcissist, they need to build a support system. Make sure to empower and encourage them, and do not push. They may resist, so you have to promise that you will be there for them.

Sometimes, a survivor only needs to have someone by his or her side. Keep in mind that even just listening to them can be of help.

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