A Brazilian Shaman Reveals The Dark Side Of “Positive Thinking”

We are all familiar with “think positive to get positive.” Also, we all know that in order to get what we want, we need to visualize it. These approaches have been popular among people for hundreds of years. The question is “Are they really helpful?”

Well, according to a Brazilian shaman, these approaches have a dark side. In this article, we are going to talk about the negative side of positive thinking as represented by Rudá Landè. He is a life coach and a shaman, and he founded Primal Source.

Why is Positive Thinking Bad?

There are numerous books, self-help gurus, and workshops saying if you change your thoughts you can change your life. Unfortunately, this does not work for at least half of the people who have tried it.

If everything was that easy, then we would need a much bigger Hollywood and many more private islands for the people who think in a positive way. Also, many industries would be successful because of CEOs thinking in a positive way.

Our planet would not have enough resources to realize the dreams of new generations. Actually, positive thinking is like modern belief in Santa Claus.

Make a list of everything you want to have, imagine it, and feel comfortable until your wished come true. According to positive thinking, all you need to do is imagine that you have what you want in order to get it.

Being positive all the time is definitely exhaustive and ineffective.

It Teaches You to Ignore What You Feel

When you are obsessed with positive thinking, you begin ignoring your real feelings. You are locked in a bubble in which you are constantly smiling, filled with happiness and love, and you feel unstoppable.

Although being in this bubble may feel good, when time passed, it will explode. When you try to feel positive all the time, the negativity inside you grows. You may not accept the negative feelings, and you may even try to suppress them, but they will not leave you.

In our lives, we are facing challenges each day, and it is normal to experience sadness, fear, anger, and many different emotions and thoughts. It is a big mistake to avoid the negative thinking and to stick only to the positivity.

When you try to deny those real feelings, you are building a wall in your mind, and your psyche is being split. Half of who you truly are is being rejected. It is exhausting to run from your shadows all the time. It leads to anxiety, depression, and sickness.

The harder we try to be happy, the more frustrated we become. Sadly, exhaustion and frustration cause depression. When you cannot achieve everything that Hollywood shows you, you become frustrated.

Fighting Against Yourself

You have a choice to make. Choose to fight against yourself, or accept yourself as you are. Do not divide your thoughts into positive and negative. It is not always so obvious what is good and bad, and where should draw the line.

Keep in mind that the most challenging emotions have a very big part of your life. For example, grief brings compassion, insecurity makes you grow, anger teaches you how to overcome your limits etc.

Do not fight your nature, but use the challenges you are given to make a progress. Many people search for advice how to be successful, but they do not realize that success is not everything and it does not last long.

Instead of using positive thinking, try imagining the worst case scenario and see what happens. Face your fears in order to win over them. When you try, you will see that you can stand up every time you fall.

You will become wiser, stronger, and more able to realize your dreams. You will be able to learn from your own experiences.

Accept Everything About Yourself

The contrast in life is important. When you accept yourself as you are with all of your feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and insecurity, you will realize that you can use all of that energy for creating and living.

Let the wholeness of your emotions come through, and use their force. Of course, you will experience sadness, anger, and pain, but you will also experience enthusiasm, joy, and love.

Finding a balance is healthier than dividing everything into positive and negative. As human beings, we are able to fight for what we want, and we will achieve many things, but we cannot achieve everything.

The way we are living in the moment is more important than our goals. It is important to accept ourselves as we are. There are a beauty and mystery behind the positive and negative. We deserve to celebrate and honor the magic we have.

As you can see, negativity is healthy, normal, and good. So, accept whatever you are feeling.

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