6 Phrases to Repeat When Feeling Depressed

6 Phrases to Repeat When Feeling Depressed2

When it comes to depression treatment, people take different medications. But what most people do not know is that there are certain phrases which can help relieve anxiety and calm the system.

It is like that because many people underestimate the power of words. There are certain phrases for relieving depression you can use when depressed.

Phrases to Repeat to Yourself If You’re Feeling Depressed

#1 Say: “I Must Be Kind to Myself In My Suffering”

This is a mantra for dealing with negative emotions. It’s crucial to acknowledge your suffering and pain, so you can treat yourself with compassion when times are hard. It’s important to face all your problems and not run from them.

Being depressed can help you see what is important in life and your help you activate your drive to overcome depression. Understand that life is about surviving.

#2  Say: “My Actions, Words, and Thoughts Contribute to My Freedom and Happiness.”

You should know that this phrase encourages a life of empathy, positivity, and compassion. This implores one to live as a servant of a life in harmony with other people, the environment and nature.

#3 Say: “I’m Strong.”

There is one common misconception when it comes to depression, and that is that only the needy and the weak suffer from it. Also, there is one confusing that only weak people ask for help. The reality is entirely different.

As a matter of fact, those people who are depressed and ask for help show self-awareness, this is a sign of strength. Only those who are strong enough can admit to themselves that they need help.

It shows that they are willing to change the situation they are in.

#4 Say: “I Will Get Better.”

You should remember one thing, and that is that depression actually triggers hopelessness. Saying this phrase over and over generates positive thoughts despite your emotional state.

Eventually, you will get better because those dark clouds over your head won’t be there forever.

#5 Say: “One Step at a Time.”

Depression might occur because you lost control over something which is causing you stress. This specific phrase can help remind you to beat that low feeling slowly but surely.

You see, everytime life drags you down, you should stop and take a moment to lessen the weight of your shoulders. One step at a time and you will get better.

#6 Say: “I Must Trust in the Process.”

Depression can often cause the inevitable questions such as: “Why is my life so hard? Why do bad things keep happening to me? Why me?”

Obstacles are part of everyday life, but during depression you are not aware of this, that is why you must use this phrase. It might help you see the right path clearly throughout hard times.

Use this phrase to see obstacles as part of learning opportunity. Obstacles aren’t there to make you a victim. They are there so you can become stronger, you must trust in the process.

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