A Thermometer Just Broke At -62°C (-80°F) In The World’s Coldest Village, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Welcome to the coldest village Oymyakon, where the students attend class till the temperatures reach -62°F or – 52°C.

This Siberian village is thought the be the coldest inhabited settlement on the planet. Moreover, it plummeted to -80°F or -62°C in winter. Now you probably think complaining about the weather at your place is silly in comparison to this village.

Amos Chapple, the photographer, traveled there. According to him, he felt the cold in around  -52°F and -47°C. Believe it or not, but his saliva froze into needles and pricked his lips.

But, nowadays, the cold is stronger, and it’s turning the eyelashes of people into icicles.

The Thermometer

The official weather station registered -74°F, or -59°C. However, there is a new electronic thermometer according to which the weather was -80°F and -62°C.

But even the electronic thermometer stopped working after reaching that point. In this village, 500 locals claim that the temperatures are  -90°F and -68°C.

More About Oymyakon

In the 20s and 30s, this village was a stop-off for reindeer herders. These herders would water their reindeers from the spring. The Soviet government later made the site into a permanent settlement in order to force its nomadic population to put down roots on this site.

Believe or not, but in 1933, in this village, there was a temperature of −89.9°F or -67.7°C. This is known as the lowest temperature in the Northern Hemisphere.

Welcome to the Siberian village Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited settlement in the world

In this village, the temperature just plummeted to -80°F or -62°C

However, in the village, the cold hasn’t stopped life

Except for the students expected to attend class till the temperature are minus -62°F or -52°C

But this temperature doesn’t stop people from going to work

This is how driving looks in such conditions

Moreover, the street venders don’t refrigerate the fish because the temperature prevents them from decaying

Still, the street venders dress warm to prevent their hands from freezing

One journalist ended up with frozen hands as he was filming the trading rows . And the sellers are there the entire day. How do they do it and keep themselves warm?

Some tourists who come to visit this village are as extreme as the weather

This group of Chinese tourists wasn’t scared to get into the thermal spring at -60°C

Many photographers use the cold weather in different creative ways. Such example is the picture below of a ballerina in – 41°C. The incredible thing about this picture is the fact that it isn’t photoshopped

This village actually lies in Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia

The village got its name after the Oymyakon Rives, whose name comes from the word kheium. This word means “unfrozen patch of water; a place where fish spend the winter”

But other sources report the word kheuim might be a misspelling, and that is actually heyum. Heyum means “frozen lake”

Even the new electronic thermometer couldn’t withstand the cold weather. It actually broke after -62°C

Around 500 people live in this village

The village stands around 750 meters above sea level

One resident says that they’re brushing the snow off their Yakut horses. This for them is normal

The nickname for this place is Northern Pole of Cold

Although winters are excessively cold and long

The summers might sometimes become hot. In fact, in August, July and June the temperatures over 86 °F and 30 °C are not uncommon

In the 20s and 30s, this place was a stop-off for reindeer herders to water the reindeers from the spring

But the Soviets later made this site a permanent settlement in order to force its nomadic population into settling there

Recently, someone captured a brave cyclist at -48°C in the nearby city by the name Yakutsk

However, because of the extremely low temperatures, the village looks like winter wonderland

Just look at this mine tunnel. Beautiful!

In 1933, the lowest temperature was recorded in this village of −89.9°F or -67.7°C. This temperature is known as the lowest temperature in the Northern Hemisphere

There, the length of the day varies from 3 hours in December to 21 hours in June

Therefore, if you want to go sightseeing this winter, you better hurry up

The locals are still going on with their daily lives

Some of the locals have these icy lashes which could easily become the newest beauty trend

Would you visit this village?

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