Albert Einstein – How I See the World

15 Lessons From Albert Einstein Each Of Us Should Know

During most of his life, Albert Einstein moved between consciousness and matter. According to Einstein, people suffer from “an optical delusion of consciousness” because he experienced his thoughts, feelings and himself as something that is separated from the rest. He explained that mysterious is the most amazing thing one can experience. He saw the mysterious […]

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What Scientists Found Deep In The Mediterranean Sea In Egypt Is Seriously Unbelievable

Groundbreaking Discovery On The Bottom Of The Mediterranean Sea In Egypt

Recently, divers found something that is changing the history. Interestingly, they revealed the ancient city called Heracleion off the bay of Aboukir, Egypt. This city used to exist about 1200 years ago, and then the ocean “swallowed” it. Heracleion did well during the sixth century BC, and there were amazing fifteen feet tall statues of […]

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