12 Signs Indicating Someone is a Psychopath

Psychopathy is a personality disorder with different characteristics. These characteristics indicate that a person may suffer from it. In fact, studies say they suffer from a brain abnormality that leads them to a world without emotions. (1) And, it is not easy to notice if someone is a psychopath. According to Hervey Cleckley, there are […]

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Amazing: Cuddle with Wolves in Norway

In Norway, at Polar Park, people are able to cuddle with domesticated wolves while they are learning about their role in the ecosystem. Probably, people cannot imagine themselves cuddling with a wolf, but in Norway that is possible. An Animal Wildlife Rescue allows people to interact with wolves, and people are lining up for it. […]

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7 Important Keys to a Strong Relationship

2 Important Keys to a Strong Relationship

Everyone, even scientists want to know about the necessary ingredients to a healthy marriage. There is a new study which includes samples of adults from all around the world. To see the keys to a good relationship people should research the relationship itself. However, according to Robert Epstein and his colleagues from the University of […]

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