Why It’s Ok When Two People Are Not Meant for Each Other

Why It's Ok When Two People Are Not Meant for Each Other

Whenever she thinks about the life they shared, her heart starts longing for the old days. She remembers saying she wanted him to stay in her life as she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She recalls the nights spent as if they were the only two people in the world.

She remembers everything, every single moment she had with him. And, how can she forget the part of her life that was so special?

No matter where she’ll end up, and what person she will become, she will always remember him while looking up at the dark sky. She knows she will never forget him even if they lost each other.

She will always have something to write or say about him. He is her favorite love story to tell people. He is the one who made her and her life different. He will always be the best thing that she has set free.

Now, she slowly realizes that maybe they are not meant for each other.  She wonders if the universe is preparing something better for her, a plan she doesn’t know yet. She wonders if there is another person that’s her better half.

Although she knows she won’t be by his side for the rest of his life, she is trying her best to be happy for him.

She tries to distance herself from him with the hope that it’ll make her healing easier. She tries not to imagine how content and settled he is in his life while she gives her best to put the broken pieces of her heart together.

Still, she knows she is strong enough to cope with this heartache.

She knows that time heals everything and that she will eventually understand why he is not meant for her. She knows that she is going to meet someone that will make her happier than him – the universe has all figured out.  

She knows that a few months from now she won’t have the same feelings for him, just memories. She knows that time will come, eventually. And when it comes, she will be ready to give her healed heart to someone else who will take care of it.

She will be happy in another person’s arms and won’t remember the pain of him being gone forever. She’ll be able to see her reflection in someone else’s eyes, realizing that it just feels right.

She will finally know that the love she shares is going to come back to her, so she will no longer wonder if she gives too much or too less of her love. She will see the world as a good place again, as she will feel better and happier than ever.

She will no longer miss the things and people she lost as she will feel like she has everything she needs to be fulfilled.

She will finally understand why the universe didn’t want her to be with him. She will be mature enough to realize once and for all why they were not meant for each other, and she will accept it. She will know that was best for her, for him as well.

And, she will now be able to see him happy without her. And, she will be happy for him as that was all part of a bigger plan that’s beyond their control.

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