A Mother Sees Her Dog Biting Her Daughter, But Then She Notices Something Else

A Mother Is Shocked When She Sees Her Dog Biting Her Daughter, And She Notices Something Else

Dogs are our best friends, and most of them are great and they would never hurt anyone. Sadly, there are some dogs that from time to time may behave in an aggressive way towards people or other dogs.

And, when a big dog does this, it may be really scary. Sometimes, people who own this type of big and aggressive dogs need to decide whether it is safe for their children to keep it at home.

So, a woman named Catherine Svillcic thought about this when a dog they adopted behaved in an aggressive way. Back in 2007, October, Catherine was enjoying in her backyard.

Charlotte, Catherine’s daughter who was seventeen months old was playing alone, and there was the other family member, Khan, a Doberman. The dog was adopted four days before.

Unfortunately, the dog had an awful life before he was adopted. His former owner did not feed him enough and he beat him as well. And, then, something happened that destroyed the nice day.

The mother, Catherine said that their dog was acting aggressively towards her daughter. He even grabbed her by the nappy and threw her a meter away. Catherine was completely shocked by the view.

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However, when she looked down, she saw a poisonous snake. The dog made a loud noise and it was obvious that he was in pain. So, the mother realized that actually, Khan rescued her daughter from the most poisonous snake in the world while risking his own life.

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The good news is that Catherine managed to take Khan to the vet on time. The brave dog received an antidote and he survived. If Khan were not there, Charlotte would have been hurt. So, Khan is the hero who saved Charlotte’s life.

We all know that dogs are very loyal, but this story is a big proof that dogs are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the love they feel for us.

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