The Way Some Men Feel Around Intelligent Women Is Really Dissapointing

The Way Some Men Feel Around Intelligent Women Is Really Disappointing

Why do some people claim they want their coffee dark roasted as it’s bold and full of flavors when they actually drink it with lots of milk and sugar? Well, that’s because people tend to say things that sound good, while in reality, they do the complete opposite.

One study published in the Sage Journal suggests that it’s the same with men who say they prefer smart, independent women. They usually want this type of women more in theory than in practice.

According to researchers Lora E. Park, Paul W. Eastwick, and Ariana F. Young, the psychological distance can change people’s preferences.

When thinking about someone who’s psychologically distant, people usually focus more on the desirability of people’s personality traits and prefer those with better traits than theirs.

When researchers evaluated the perception of 650 men, they realized their perception changed when they were near women. Namely, their evaluation depended on the impact women had on their self-evaluation, thus determining if they will be attracted to those women or not.

So, it turned out they prefer smart women but only when they are psychologically distant. When men met women who were smarter than them, their perception changed.

As researchers explain, when men interacted with women online, in another room, or anywhere else but near them, they were more interested in those who seemed more intelligent than them.

But, everything changed when they met with these women. They started losing interest in them the moment they realized these women are more intelligent than they are.

According to Dr. Lora, the reason why they started losing interest in women who were superior to them regarding intelligence when introduced face-to-face, is because they can feel emasculated. That’s why they find intelligently superior women less attractive.

The study suggests that we can change the way we think or feel about someone if that person’s qualities affects our self-image when meeting them. In other words, if we don’t care about intelligence, we are probably not threatened.

This study implies that men who want to be seen as intelligent might feel threatened by intelligently superior women. Also, it suggests that they might prefer intelligence in women, but only abstractly as that’s what society finds acceptable.

In reality, they will probably stick to partners who are less intelligent to them.

Women have been trying for ages to become equals to men, and men seem to like this about them. However, it turns out some of them only pretend that they are okay with women’s intelligence, strength, dominance, and power.

The fact is, some men are still struggling to accept the flip in social norms and expectations. Men are expected to be strong, independent, and intelligent. However, it’s too bad that some of those who possess these qualities just can’t be in the same room with strong and smart women.

Intelligent and independent women know they can bring a lot to their relationship, as they know themselves as well as their needs and desires. But, this can make them more powerful than their men want.

The truth is, some men find this intimidating but they should realize that this is not a competition.

Although the study implies that men cower from strong, intelligent, and independent women in practice, it doesn’t mean that all men feel the same way. If you are a woman, we encourage you to show your intelligence and choose a man that’s not afraid, but proud of it!

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