Be a Man – Either Make Her a Priority or Leave Her Alone

Be a Man - Either Make Her a Priority or Leave Her Alone

If a man doesn’t love a woman, he should let her go. If he strings her along, he will only hurt her. He shouldn’t do it because he finds it fun. He shouldn’t do it because she is a smart, funny, attractive and good-looking woman.

He shouldn’t string her along just because she is a catch. If you are one of those men, don’t tell her that you do not love her while acting the opposite way. Do not lie to her saying that she is your priority and that she is the first and the last thing each and every day.

If you have any respect at all for her, you should leave her. Yes, leave her alone. Do not lie to her, do not make up stories, do not plan your future together when you clearly do not see her there.

She is a human being; she is not an object you should use from time to time to be happy. If you need time to figure out what you want from life, do not string her along. Leave her and take your time to find out what you want.

No woman should wait for that. Do not be immature, do not act like a child. In every relationship, there are hard and stressful situations. If you find yourself thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, you should let her go.

If you find yourself imagining life with another woman, then you should leave her. Also, if you are not willing to make her a priority, you should leave her alone.

If you cannot be grateful for the fact that she makes your life better thanks to her laughter, sense of humor, sharp mind, generosity, playfulness, companionship, beauty, and love for you, leave her alone.

If you only concentrate on her demands, flaws, fears, and insecurities, let her go. Just leave her alone, because all you do is hurting her. Have you ever stopped for a second and wondered that maybe she is demanding and angry because of you?

Have you ever stopped and considered that maybe her insecurities and fears are simply a response to your behavior?

Because, my dear, remember this if a woman loves you, yet she doesn’t feel secure and safe with you, one thing is sure – she will get bitter. She will become bitter at you for not treating her as she deserves.

If you are not ready to be there for her, do not torture her. Every woman who is in love is actually fragile. And no matter how self-fulfilled and strong she is, still that woman needs to be cared for and loved by her partner.

That woman still needs to feel chosen by you. If this is too much for you, then you are not the one for her, and she is not the one for you. Don’t be an idiot and string her along.

Be a man and let her go if you are not capable of making her happy and loved.

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