The Fragile Male Ego Seems to be Threatened By Intelligent Women, Study Says

The Fragile Male Ego Seems to be Threatened By Intelligent Women, Study Says

Even though most men tend to be attracted by the idea of dating an intelligent woman, they don’t really like the reality of it. At least that’s what researchers found while analyzing what men find attractive in women.

But, do men prefer to be with a soft, feminine woman just because they are genetically predisposed to be the stronger gender, or because they feel threatened by strong, independent women who are more intelligent than they are?

The Study

Well, researchers at the University of Texas, Austin, California Lutheran University, and the University of Buffalo conducted a study on 105 men to find the answer. The findings were published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

First, they asked them to imagine their romantic partner is a woman who outperforms them in an English or Math course. The participants ranked the women who displayed more intelligence than themselves as a more desirable partner.

But then, researchers asked the participants to imagine they are dating with this highly intelligent woman, and they got cold feet. So, when they were faced with this real-life scenario, they rated this woman as less attractive, distancing themselves more from her.

Men even showed less desire to plan a date or exchange contact information with her.

Although researchers need more study to confirm the conclusion, they believe that most men feel less masculine when dating a woman with higher intelligence than theirs.

In other words, the feeling of diminished masculinity made them feel less attracted to these women.

Well, it appears that masculinity is more fragile than we think. Or, it’s just their ego?

It seems men only say they want a partner who’s “the smarter, the better,” while the reality is slightly different. They know what type of women they want in theory, but that’s not the same woman they would choose in a real-life situation.

Nevertheless, no woman should pretend to be less smart than she is just to be with someone. Women shouldn’t stop having ambitions, chasing their dream, working hard on their goals, or pretend they are someone else just to keep their man.

Smart women know that they deserve someone who will love them for being who they are, and this includes their high intelligence. At the end of the day, they don’t need a man who’s intimidated by their intelligence, but a man who will support their goals and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

Women, be proud of your high intelligence and don’t let anyone change you just so that you can fit their fragile ego.

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