If He Doesn’t Love You Anymore, He Should Set You Free

If you stay with a woman for many years, without fully choosing her, you will destroy her happiness and yours as well. You probably really wanted to be with her. You really wanted to choose her.

She was brilliant, funny, exquisite and an attractive woman. She could make you laugh from the bottom of your heart and charm you with her exotic beauty. You loved waking up next to her all snuggled up happily. Of course, you were madly in love with her.

Unfortunately, something happened, and your love quickly turned stressful and unbearable. Sadly, this happens to many couples. Before they realize their blissful days will be replaced with endless arguing and countless fights.

With each passing month, the relationship gets more and more difficult. So, you end up choosing her less and less every day. To stop suffering, it is best to stop choosing her.

What Happened To Your Love?

If you choose her, it means that you are focusing on the gifts she used to bring.

The gifts that made your life better and you felt grateful for: her beauty, laughter, playfulness, sensuality, and companionship. Sadly, it is impossible to embrace her now and feel the same way you used to feel before.

Now, you focus on her demands, insecurities, anger, and strong personality. You focus on the things that make you angry and miserable. This only magnifies the strain for you to choose her even less. Eventually, it all will take a turn for the worst.

You begin to realize that she is angry because she doesn’t feel safe with you. She knows you are not choosing her because of your actions and words. Now, she is afraid you will leave her.

If the relationship is making your life a living hell, it is best that you make the right decision.

Choose to leave her, so that you will stop torturing yourself and her. If you decide to stay with her, you will only lie to yourself and to her. Eventually, you will cheat on her to get the passion you need.

To get rid of these terrible feelings it is best that you choose the right thing to do.

Who Will You Choose?

Ask yourself why you are choosing your partner? What is it about her that makes you love her?

If you can’t think of a satisfying answer, try your best to dig deeper and find one. Deep down in your heart, you know exactly why you love her and why you stopped loving her.

Keep asking yourself these questions for a few days to see if you will eventually come up with a solid answer. If you still can’t find it, it means that you are yearning for a fresh start. You hope to feel that sparkle of love once more.

Yet, for some reason, you can’t feel it for her. So, choose wisely. Choose what you do for yourself and your loved one. Make sure that you enthusiastically choose the right path that truly makes you happy. Otherwise, you may never find true happiness.

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