How to Know If My Life Partner Is My Soulmate

How to Know If Your Life Partner Is Your Soulmate

Who thinks their life partner is their soulmate? The truth is, there are many differences between a life partner and a soulmate. And, not everyone chooses their soulmate to be their life companion.

What we look for in a life partner is someone we can lean on and trust, while giving us a sense of stability and security through life. Someone that can give us the same amount of love and respect as we do, and someone who considers our desires and needs.

On the other hand, a soulmate is a person who awakens, challenges, and stirs different parts of you to help you reach a higher level of consciousness and awareness. And, once achieved, separation usually occurs.

This person is in-tune with your soul and helps you readjust your beliefs for the better. The life partner, however, is a person you can count on to strengthen the validity of your views.

The real question is, is your life partner more beneficial for you than your soulmate?

Here are a few things to consider:

1. The Test of Time

A soulmate gives you the passion, push, and motivation to learn new things. It could be your lover, friend, relative, pet, or even your doctor. However, once that phase of learning is over, you usually separate.

And, the separation is usually very hard for you if you were too attached to this person.

A life partner is like your guardian angel. They are always here to protect you and give you the strength and support when most needed. And, you usually share the same interests. They don’t leave you to handle your problems and challenges alone.

They always stick around no matter the obstacle and are the usually the person you believe most.

 2. Intuitive Attraction

You are connected to your soulmate in an intuitive sense, so you don’t need to communicate everything with them to understand each other perfectly. You feel like you know each other your whole life. You don’t even need them to tell you how they feel, you just know it.

On the other hand, life partners are guided by intellect and pure rationality. They don’t use intuition to understand each other’s feelings, so they are more stable and down to earth.

3. Different Connection

Usually, a soulmate arrives in your life when you have to learn some life lesson that will contribute to your growth as a person. And, once the lesson is learned, they will likely go away.

But, a life partner comes when you don’t need someone to make you better. You know your worth, and you look for someone that knows theirs as well. Both of you feel complete which helps you create and maintain a strong, long relationship.

4. Different Experience

As we mentioned, a soulmate can be your friend, lover, or family member. Their job is to break you into many pieces so you can find a way to get yourself together. By doing this, they are actually teaching you some valuable lesson.

They go away, but you never forget the lesson. They are the person who uncovers the best and worst sides of your character. A turbulent experience full of emotions and heartbreak.

A life partner understands your interests, supports your choices, and accepts your lifestyle. They are your biggest support, giving you the motivation you need to keep on doing what you’re doing. They guide you psychologically and emotionally.

The life journey with them is much easier than with a soulmate. You constantly learn something new about each other and accept each other’s good and bad sides.

While there are differences between a life partner and a soulmate, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have both of them in one person. Some people say their life partner is their soulmate, and that’s possible, although rare.

So, now that you know how it’s like to be with each of these individuals, can you say you’ve found your soulmate in your life companion?

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