Is The Soul Disappearing or It Goes Back to the Universe?

New Scientific Discovery: The Soul Continues to Live in the Universe

For centuries, people have questioned themselves whether the souls are eternal or mortal. That has been a great mystery, and scientists work on it. In fact, a team of scientists discovered a new fascinating theory.

Physicists, Dr. Hamerof and Sir Roger Penrose, have worked on a theory which says that the brain keeps information in the microtubules of the brain cells.

According to Dr. Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose who are physicists, the brain of humans is like a computer.

The computer in the brain is controlling the program which is the consciousness. The miraculous thing is that the physicists say that the soul continues its life by going back to the universe.

Hameroff and Penrose assert there is a process named “Orchestrated Objective Reduction” (Orch-Or) in which the microtubules of the cells in the brain keep the soul. Supposedly, when clinical death happens, although brain’s microtubules lose the quantum state, they can keep the information inside. (1)

Dr. Hameroff, in the documentary show “Through the Wormhole,” explained that even though the heart stops, the microtubules do not lose the information. They send it to the universe.

When a human is brought back from the dead, the information returns to the microtubules. But, if some human dies, there is a possibility that his soul lives forever somewhere in the universe.

As Dr. Hameroff says, the soul is something more than just a brain neuron’s cooperation. This may mean that human souls were “living” in the universe since the beginning of time.

One More Fascinating Research

Another research conducted by researchers from U.K., the University of Southampton. The research discovered that even when the brain is turned off, there is some awareness left. (2)

The scientists spent more than 4 years researching over 2,000 patients. These patients suffered from cardiac arrests and were hospitalized at 15 hospitals in the U.S., the U.K. and in Austria. About 40% of the patients who survived said that they felt some kind of consciousness while being clinically dead.

This consciousness was described as feelings of calmness, or time changes such as slowing down or speeding up. Some of the survived patients said they saw a light, the sun shining or a golden flash. (3)

On the other hand, some patients said they felt fear, drowning or pulled down through a deep water.

There is one very strange story in which a social worker of 57, from Southampton, was dead for 3 min. He said that he left his body and stood in the corner watching his revival. The patient could correctly tell what the staff did, and the sound of the machines.

Dr. Sam Parnia explained that the brain cannot function if the heart is not beating. The brain is active only 20-30 seconds. However, in this situation, the brain continued its activity 2-3 min.

The editor-in-chief of the Resuscitation, Dr. Nolan said that this is a great discovery and he congratulated the team of Dr. Parnia.

All in all, these findings of the dark energy and things that people are unable to see or touch, may give an explanation of many mysterious and interesting things.

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