A Letter to My Husband—Thanks for Being the Man You Are!

A Letter to My Husband—Thanks for Being the Man You Are!

Dear husband,
Thanks for being a good man, a great man. For being not just my man, but my hero as well. For teaching me that good men really exist. For always telling the truth we all need to hear.

You are selfless. You give me time when I need it. You find a way to fulfill my crazy desires. You love me like never did before. You kiss me in the morning, at night, and in between.

You hold me when I’m broken. You find a way to cheer me up when I’m down. You clean up our house when I’m tired.

You are a strong person that leads our family in truth. You’re not afraid to ask for help or advice when needed. You set the best example for our kids. You hug me to give me strength when I most need it. You have integrity.

And for that, I want to thank you.

Thank you for being always here for me. Thank you for giving me your jacket when I’m cold.

Thank you for warming my cold feet at night. Thank you for cheering me up when I’m down and for making me laugh when I don’t expect.

Thank you for being a kind person who’s always willing to help a stranger.

Thank you for admitting your flaws and for bearing with me through mine. Thank you for listening to me when I have so much to say when I return from work.

Thank you for working hard in our marriage, family, and your job. Thank you for taking care of me when I’m ill.

Thank you for throwing a blanket on me when I nap. Thank you for telling me to shower first when you think the hot water might run out.  Thank you for telling me to dress warmly when going outside in the cold.

Thank you for telling me I’m beautiful three kids later. Thank you for telling me to drive safely. Thank you for calling me in the middle of the day just to hear my voice.

Thank you for kissing me whenever you go out and get back home. Thank you for guiding our kids with positive discipline. Thank you for having time to play with them even when you have other things to do.

Thank you for being silly with me and making me feel like I’ m young and careless again.

Thank you for being the leader of our family. Thank you for being here to pick up the load I’m not able to carry. Thank you for letting me eat the last slice of pizza. Thank you for giving me advice and supporting my dreams.

Thank you for loving our family and doing everything you can to see us safe and sound. Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for teaching our kids the true values in life. I can’t ask anything more than seeing them grow up and walk in your footsteps as you are a person whose footsteps are worthy to be followed.

I may not say this enough, but thank you for being the husband you are.

Your wife