A Letter to All Brave People on Bad Mental Health Days

A Letter to All Brave People on Bad Mental Health Days

Nowadays, we are lucky that the topic of mental health is not a taboo anymore. In fact, every single person has bad mental health days. It is something which is familiar to everyone; it’s not something strange.

The fact is that not everyone talks about it, but nowadays in comparison to the past, people tend to be more vocal about the importance of mental health. And it’s a good thing since it helps many people understand and know that they aren’t alone.

Thanks to more people being vocal they understand that they aren’t weak, they are just human. They are like everyone else, they have good and bad mental health days and that it’s completely normal.

So, today we dedicated one letter to the strong individuals who are vocal about their mental health struggles, and we want them to know that they aren’t alone. This is a letter people should read about bad mental health days.

Dear You, the Brave One,

We just want to tell you that we are proud! We are proud that you tend to get out of bed even when you feel like you have no strength in your body, even though you’re mentally exhausted.

Maybe the brain fog feels overwhelming; you should know that it shall subside. Remember, you need to keep going and keep breathing.

On such days, do not forget that yoga and meditation can do wonders for you, so maybe you should get to that yoga class.

You are a healthy person, and you should remember that you are much stronger than all those negative thoughts and anxiety that are going on. Concentrate on those people that you love, and concentrate on the future.

In bad mental health days, you should make a list for the all the things you are grateful for. Do that, and anxiety won’t take over. Acknowledge anxiety but do not allow it to overwhelm you.

You see, anxiety cannot hurt you remember that. Remember that you are very intelligent and creative, you should use that to your benefit.

Get involved in a new hobby or project, let your mind focus on how to make yourself a better writer, photographer, etc. But, understand that you do not have to figure all things at once.

Remember to breathe, always remember that when you are at work, remember that if you take a moment just to breathe, you will be far more productive.

To keep your mind busy, search for two things in the room and describe them to yourself. Bear in mind that you are important and that you are meant to be in this world.

Many people love and care about you, and you have a whole life ahead to live. Your friends are always there for you as well as your family.

You are stronger than your anxiety. You are resilient. Tomorrow is going to be better, so for that, you must stay strong. Have hope that things will get better, and they will be better.

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