12 Laws Of Karma That Have the Power to Change Our Lives

12 Laws Of Karma That Have the Power to Change Our Lives

What is karma exactly? Everyday phrases like “We reap what we sow” or “What goes around, comes around” describe it perfectly. It’s a concept based on the belief that our thoughts, actions, and words form a chain of cause and effect.

Although you may not experience the effects of everything you cause right away, you will experience eventually. This cosmic law is believed to apply to everyone, everywhere.

Today’s busy lifestyle brings you many factors that can weigh you down physically, mentally, and spiritually. But, you shouldn’t let these negative aspects of life consume you and spread the poison of negativity by saying or doing things that could hurt others.

That’s why taking care of your mind, body, and soul is a good thing you can do for yourself and others. Knowing how actions bring consequences can help you lift the burden of negativity from your shoulders.

One way to achieve that is to practice the laws of karma which will help you find inner peace, mental clarity, and better physical and mental health.

Law of Karma #1 – The of Cause and Effect

If you do good thing to others, you’ll receive the same. Spreading happiness and positivity will bring you even more positivity in your life.

So, if you want an honest relationship with people, be honest and authentic with people you care about. If you want love, be loving. And, if you want more money, be generous.

Law of Karma #2 – Creation

Good and bad things in life don’t just happen – they are created by people. So, create the things you want to see more.

Law of Karma #3 – Humility

Accept the true reality as it is to be able to change it. So, stop blaming others for something that you’ve created. See things as they really are and to make the shifts you need.

Law of Karma #4 – Growth

Before something or someone around you changes, you need to change yourself first. In fact, you only have the power to control your actions, thoughts, and words.

Therefore, try to grow as a person before trying to change or control others. It’s not your job to do that; it’s theirs.

Law of Karma #5 – Responsibility

According to this law, you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, whether good or bad. What happens around you is a mirror reflecting your thoughts and emotions. So, stop finding excuses and think about the things you create.

Law of Karma #6 – Connection

This law points out the connection between the past, present, and future, reminding you that your present and future actions can help you destroy the negative energy from the past. Also, what you did in your past and present can influence your future.

Law of Karma #7 – Focus

Focus on completing one thing in your life instead of multiple things at the same time. It’s better to follow your goals in a linear order than giving each of them a fraction of your energy. Also, the law points out to the importance focusing on the higher values first.

Law of Karma #8 – Giving & Hospitality

The focus of this law is the link between belief and practice. In other words, the universe will eventually test you if you really believe in the things you say.

Law of Karma #9 – Here & Now

This law reminds you to live in the present moment, as clinging too hard to past beliefs, experiences, and feelings will never allow you to move on from the past. It’s the same time with greed or anxiety.

If you focus on these feelings, you will always have one foot in the future. So, the ninth law of karma teaches you to fully engage and enjoy in the present, as that’s all you really have.

Law of Karma #10 – Change

You can’t expect something to change unless you take significant steps in your growth. The history will keep on repeating until you learn the lesson life throws at you and do something about it.

Don’t expect a different future if you don’t take the courage to change the things that bother you in the present.

Law of Karma #11 – Patience & Reward

You have to work hard to have great successes in life. This means you need to have patience before you enjoy the reward. So, don’t expect immediate results.

Law of Karma #12 – Significance & Inspiration

Whenever you feel like you don’t matter, remember this law. It says that whatever you do, even if it’s the smallest, insignificant thing, it affects the Whole.

In other words, everything you do is important and contributes to the world around you. So, you are always significant.

Final Words

Following the laws of karma will help de-stress your life and make you a more positive person. It can’t hurt trying it, right?

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