Want to Know Someone’s Personality? Ask Them This Question

Want to Know Someone's Personality Ask Them This Question

If you hang out with many people, you surely know how difficult some of them can be. Some of them can be a great friend. But, others will leave you with no choice but to doubt them. Well, maybe it is time that you follow your instincts.

Maybe some of your so-called ‘’friends’’ are not as friendly as they seem. So, wouldn’t it be awesome to know exactly with who you are dealing with? Of course, the only people who can read someone else’s personality are psychologists.

You can’t be as professional as them, but you can still get closer to determining who is and who isn’t your friend. This way, you will avoid all those awkward and pointless conversations. After all, you don’t have to do much.

Dustin Wood, an assistant professor at Wake Forest University, initiated a study to find a way to analyze a person’s way of thinking and perception. (1) He believes you can do this by asking someone this: ‘’What do you think of your friends?’’

Or: ‘’What do you think of someone else?’’ This assistant professor strongly believes that asking someone this particular question can reveal their personality. Let’s say you have asked your friend this question.

If he describes other people as happy, positive, kind-hearted, capable, and emotionally stable, it means that your friend also has the same positive traits. He is someone who is filled with positive energy and is kind.

But, if your friend describes other people by showing paranoia, narcissism, mischievous behavior, and antisocial behavior, it could mean that he is having some problems he can’t deal with.

Also, if he considers other people to be untrustworthy and malevolent, it could mean that he is selfish, insecure and lacks integrity. So, if you want to know if the person you just met is worthy of being your friend, ask them this particular question.

Who could have known that a simple question such as this one could tell us so much about someone’s personality? What do you think? Is this trick enough to help us find the right friend? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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