“Earth Has Shifted” – Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA And The World (Video)

When we look back to what has happened in our world over the past several years, we can see that there are big and catastrophic changes. Some say it is humans’ fault, our way of life, and some say it is the global warming.

In 2017, July, a huge iceberg broke free of Antarctica, and experts say it is the largest of all that have even broken off. Moreover, the temperature is increased for about 5 degrees since the 50s, and by the end of this century, it may increase for up to 7.

Sadly, experts say that there are thousands of species in our world that are at risk of extinction. These are not goods news at all.

According to Inuit Elders, our planet Earth has shifted. They say that the global warming is not the reason for the climate change, but the shifting of the planet is. These people live in Canada, the Arctic regions of Greenland.

They are great in forecasting the weather as their ancestors were. Actually, they claim that the earthquakes, as well as the climate change, are not a result of global warming, but to the shifting of our planet.

Also, they say that the sky has changed; the sun does not set at the same position. The days are longer, and the sun is much higher now. And, the weather is warmer and warmer, and that change is very fast.

Other elders support this claim by saying they have noticed the changes too. In addition, the change in position of the moon, the sun, and the stars have changed as well, so that leads to changes in temperatures.

Likewise, this has had an impact on the wind, and that is why it is more difficult to forecast the weather today. All of the elders have supported this claim that the Earth has shifted. Now, scientists from NASA are worried after the warning they have received.

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