A Genius Innovation That Won’t Let You Sleep through Your Alarm Ever Again!

Are you one of those who always hit the snooze button and sleep through their phone’s alarm? You are tired of oversleeping and promise yourself to give your best and get up the moment your alarm starts to ring.

Sometimes, you even keep different alarm clocks in the room since the one on your phone is not enough. You’ve learned how to automatically turn it off or hit the snooze button without being aware of it.

You’ve even tried another method which involves your friends or parents keep on calling you until you finally hear the ringing and answer.

You’re not the only one who promises that the next morning will be different: “I will get up as soon as I hear my alarm.

But, it happens again. You didn’t hear it, and you’ve overslept, again. Well, if that’s the case, you might be interested in making your own personal alarm just like the one presented in the video below.

The girl, or someone she knows, has come up with a genius solution to have no more missed alarms. This weird invention slaps you until you’re finally awake and able to turn it off.  It may sound terrifying, but it actually works.

A plastic hand slapping your face is not the best way to wake up in the morning, but it’s probably the most effective for heavy sleepers.

Here’s how it looks like, and no, this is not a scene from some horror movie.

In fact, you’ll soon think it’s more like a scene from a sci-fi comedy.

It’s far from being the most elegant and stable design, but it gets the job done every single time. And, that’s what matters, right?

All of this may sound a bit terrifying, but once you watch the video below, you’ll actually laugh. And in case you wonder if it’s painful – no, it’s not as it seems (at least that’s what the girl says.)

Here’s how this fun product works.

Tell us if you liked this crazy alarm in the comments below as well as if you have some other weird method that helps you get up in the morning.

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