Another Major Hurricane Said to be Bigger Than Harvey is Forming in the Atlantic Ocean!

Every time something bad happens, we think “that’s it, it cannot be worse,” it is the same when a dangerous storm happens. But, it can always be worse, nature often proves that.

You thought that Hurricane Harvey was dangerous?

Well, wait for Irma.

In 2005, millions of lives were destroyed because of the Hurricane Katrina. It began on 23 August and ended on 25 August. The result was a huge damage worth billions of dollars.

And, when we thought that it could not be worse, we got Hurricane Harvey. (1)

This hurricane evoked huge damage in Mexico and the South-Central States. The damage cost about 48-75 billion of dollars.

The sad news is that this disastrous hurricane is not over, and there are predictions about the coming of one more fatal storm.

As it seems, it is creating over the Atlantic Ocean. Also, according to the weather model, it is a storm from the fifth category.

The Global Forecast System and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor anticipate that even worse storm is coming on the east coast of the US. Please, be careful!

As reported by Dan Kottlowski, who is a hurricane expert, Irma may cause a stronger hurricane in the next few days.

Back in 1978, on October 2, Irma formed over the Atlantic Ocean but did not affect the USA.

So, NBC news says it is too early to say anything about the impact of Irma on the United States.

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