For Those Who Gave Their Heart to the Wrong Person

For Those Who Gave Their Heart to the Wrong Person

If you have ever given your heart entirely to someone who didn’t deserve it at all, then this is for you. This is for all the passionate lovers who fight for love regardless of the circumstances.

For starters, you should know that you are not weak or stupid for giving your heart away. Remember that only strong and brave people can do that. You have walked through hell, and you survived.

You have one-of-a-kind person and there is no love like your love, but it takes another special person to recognize that. You are completely aware that things might go wrong, but still, you choose to love.

You are completely aware of all the evil and hurt in the world, but still, you choose to love unconditionally and see the good in people. Even though there are many people, who are horrible and mean, you still choose to believe that they are good people out there.

This is why you are special. You are a fighter and a survivor. You see, despite all odds, you are here, stronger and wiser than ever before.

We salute you for giving all of you, for being brave enough to do that. Yes, they didn’t deserve you, but we salute you for believing in them. For investing your energy and time into that relationship, even if they didn’t reciprocate.

You were brave enough to make them your priority even though for them you were just an option. Even in bad times, you choose to love them. But you should know that you deserve so much more. It’s about time you know your own worth.

You see, my dear, you deserve to be given the attention and love you always give. Remember that you deserve the world and nothing less than that. Even when you were in a loveless relationship you loved, it is like that because you are made of love.

You can see the void in other people, and what you do, you fill it with love. We salute you because you expect nothing in return. You are one fantastic person because you stay even in the hardest times.

You always forgive and give them a second chance. Don’t feel weak. Just do not allow them to take you for granted one more time. The world needs more people like you, people who are warriors and survivors.

People who remind everyone around them what true love really is. You are amazing for keeping a positive mindset in negative times, for keeping your head up even in the hard times.

You are terrific for believing in the power of love. You are completely aware that the power of love can convert anything it comes in touch with. This even includes those people who aren’t capable of giving or experiencing love.

It must be hard to decide to leave and focus your love on yourself. But you are completely aware that you need to leave the table where love is no longer being served.

You are brave to leave; you are strong because you know when it’s time to choose yourself. You have a heart of gold, and even if it’s broken, you do whatever possible to fix it. You do not allow people who aren’t capable of love to destroy your trust of love.

Your will to move on and to heal all your wounds which are caused by loving the wrong person is why you are an inspiration to all those people who’re struggling to decide to leave.

We admire you because we know that it takes a lot of effort and strength to leave the person you love, to move on and forgive them. To heal your wounds and to be able to love again.

You are a special person, and the world definitely needs more people like you.

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