World-Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

World-Famous Heart Surgeon Reveals The True Cause Of Heart Disease!

Dwight Lundell is a heart surgeon who has experience long 25 years. He admits that physicians are too proud to admit when they are wrong. But, this doctor who has performed more than 5,000 open-heart procedures, decided to right the wrong.

He has gone through training for many years together with other physicians named “opinion makers.” Due to scientific literature and education seminars, they were convinced that heart problems are a consequence of increased blood cholesterol.

Therefore, the only therapy was meds that lower the cholesterol as well as a diet that did not include fat consumption. Of course, changes were considered as a fallacy and unethical behavior.

However, these recommendations are not scientifically or morally justifiable. One finding from several years ago says that inflamed artery wall causes heart illness. And, this is leading to changes in the treatment of heart illness as well as other problems.

These dietary suggestions have caused epidemics of diabetes and obesity, and that results in suffering, mortality, as well as economic consequences.

Even though about 25 percent of the people are using pricey statin meds, and the fat is lowered, many Americans will pass away this year because of heart illness.

According to the American Heart Association’s statistics, about 75 million people in America are suffering from heart issues, 57 million people have pre-diabetes, and 20 million already have diabetes.

Each year, more and more young people are affected by these problems. In other words, if there is no inflammation in the body, the cholesterol cannot accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and lead to strokes and heart problems.

If there is no inflammation, the cholesterol would be able to move through the body with no problems. So, inflammation traps cholesterol (1).

Anyway, inflammation is a natural defense of your body to invaders like viruses, bacteria, or toxins. It is amazing how the inflammation keeps your body safe from viral and bacterial invaders.

Nonetheless, chronical expose the body to harm by toxins or even foods that the body cannot process, that condition is named chronic inflammation. Interestingly, if acute inflammation is beneficial, chronic inflammation is damaging.

A smart person would never expose themselves to foods or other things that may cause them problems. Maybe smokers would do that, but they do it willingly.

So, people who continuously accepted the recommendations of a diet low in fat and high in carbs and polyunsaturated fats did not know that they were injuring their blood vessels.

And, this continuous injury causes chronic inflammation which leads to stroke, obesity, heart issues, and diabetes.

The reason for chronic inflammation is the overload of processed carbs such as flour, sugar, and products that contain them, as well as extra intake of omega-6 oil such as sunflower, soybean, and corn.

Can you imagine rubbing a soft skin with a stiff brush till it becomes red and it ends in bleeding? Can you imagine doing that every day for so many years? If you can do it, you will have an infected and painful area that becomes worse with each brushing.

This a way in which you can understand the inflammatory process that may be happening in your body. It does not matter where this process happens, inside or outside.

For about 60 years, foods with a lot of sugar, simple carbs, and omega-6 oils have been part of the lives of Americans, and they were slowly poisoning them.

Have you ever wondered how does consumption of a sweet role make an inflammation that makes you ill? To understand this, imagine your keyboard spilled with syrup. Eating sugar causes blood sugar to increase quickly.

So, as a result, the pancreas emits insulin that is supposed to drive sugar to the cells where it is kept for energy. But, if the cell is already full, it rejects the sugar in order to protect its function.

This causes in the production of more insulin which transforms the glucose into fat. Now, you probably wonder how this is related to inflammation. Well, excessive sugar molecules join too many proteins that harm the blood vessel wall.

And, inflammation happens because of a continuous injury. Dr. Lundell says that he has seen this inflammation in the arteries in more than 5,000 procedures.

So, the sweet roll has many omega-6 oils besides sugar. Those tasty fries and chips you adore are soaked in soybean oil. Even though omega-6 oils are important for your organism, they need to be in balance with omega-3 oils.

Excessive consumption of omega-6 oils causes the cell membrane to produce cytokines which are chemicals that cause inflammation.

Nowadays, the American diet has created a huge imbalance of these fats. The ration in favor of omega 6 ranges from 15:1-30:1, which is an enormous amount of cytokines. A ratio of 3:1 would be healthy.

Additionally, extra weight causes overloaded fat cells that produce many chemicals that cause inflammations as well. It begins with a sweet roll, and end with high blood pressure, heart issues, and diabetes.

Even more, the inflammatory process causes Alzheimer’s diseases as well. Like or not, consumption of processed foods is bad. Our bodies were not designed to process foods with a lot of sugar and omega-6 oils.

If you want to calm the inflammation, you need to go back to foods that are closer to their natural state. If you want to have more muscles, you need protein.

Always go for complex carbs such as veggies and fruits. Remove or at least lower consumption of corn and soybean oil which contain omega-6 fats.

You should know that one tbsp. of corn oil has 7,280 milligrams of omega-6, and soybean has 6,940 milligrams. Instead, use butter from grass-fed beef or olive oil.

Consuming animal fats is a better option because they contain less than 20 percent omega-6, and the chances of getting an inflammation are lower. Get the science out of your head. It is not true that just saturated fat causes heart problems.

The theory about cholesterol led to nowadays foods that are the reason for inflammations. The best option is to go for the foods your grandma serves, not the ones you buy from the store that contain manufactured foods.

If you remove inflammatory foods from your diet and consume nutrients from unprocessed foods, you might save your arteries that are suffering from the American diet.

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