If You Have a Sagittarius in Your Life, Never Let Them Go! EVER!

If You Have a Sagittarius in Your Life, Never Let Them Go! EVER!

All the zodiacs have their own unique traits. But, no one out there is like a Sagittarius. Sagittarius are often the quietest people in the room and seem confused. But, that is not always the case. When a Sagittarius trusts you, they confide in you.

In other words, they are vulnerable around you. When their guard is down, they turn goofy and have a dry sense of humor. Their humor will make you appreciate them even more.

A Sagittarius will stay by your side always and help you overcome every challenge that you can’t do alone. Whenever you fall, they will help you get back up. But, even if they act though, they have a soft spot for you.

If you are sad, they are broken. That’s the unique thing about Sagittarius. When things get difficult, they act as if nothing is going on, but deep down they are affected by your sadness or anger. They feel for you.

As your best friend, they will laugh with you. Plus, Sagittarius are very sneaky. They will make you do something dumb so that they will laugh at you when it all blows up in your face.

Of course, they don’t do this to hurt you, they do it to simply laugh with you. Also, they never take anything seriously, not even themselves. They want to teach you that life is all about fun and new experiences.

You just need to have the guts to do it. When you meet a Sagittarius for the first time, you will notice that their guard is really high. If they think you are a good person, they will let you in their life, but one step at a time.

Slowly, they will get to know you and get comfortable around you. In time, they will show their true intentions. That’s because a Sagittarius is very loyal, dedicated, passionate and someone who doesn’t take friendship lightly.

The moment a Sagittarius finds a real friend, they dedicate themselves to that friendship. But, the moment they spot a fake person, Sagittarius decides to ignore that particular faker completely.

They don’t care what makes that person act the way they do.

Other than that, Sagittarius can be a little pessimistic. At times when things get too complicated, or you are having a bad day, your Sagittarius friend will imagine 10 million possibilities to make that day great again.

Their calm mind and creativeness to solve any situation truly make them special. A Sagittarius will always encourage you to achieve your goals instead of giving up on every project you wanted to do. Well, we all have bad days, and that is ok.

But, having a Sagittarius by your side will truly change your emotions. They will make you happy and will do everything to help you fix the problem. After all, Sagittarius are very smart, funny, devoted, and unimaginably strong.

They are the best friend, the perfect friend. So, if you have a Sagittarius in your life, never let them go. EVER!

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