Why It’s Good When Partners Fart in Front of Each Other

We have all been there – dating someone, everything is great, move in and one day we accidentally cut one loose in front of our partner, and we wish the ground would swallow us up.

We can’t deny that farting has always been embarrassing, but we also shouldn’t forget that it’s a by-product of a healthy digestive system. Whether you like it or not, we all fart; just not in front of everyone.

A lot of people are cautious not to pass gas in public, especially in front of their significant other. They think their partner will no longer see them as attractive and beautiful as before, so they are willing to hold in their fart as long as they can, even if that makes their stomach hurt.

We have to accept that our digestive system can’t break down food without producing gas. And, we have to expel that gas from the body sooner or later if we don’t want to explode, literally.

The reason why sometimes gases smell really awful is that they contain hydrogen sulfide or ammonia. This happens when you eat certain foods like cruciferous vegetables, eggs, onions, beans, and meat.

In that case, your fart could be the most silent you’ve ever had, but it’ll stink so badly that would probably kill an elephant.

Passing gas in front of people is also considered as a sign of disrespect. But, although there are many reasons why farting is a taboo, one author explains why it might be positive when it comes to long-term relationships.

Leah DeCesare wrote “Naked Parenting” – a book that talks about the secrets of good parenting and maintaining a romantic relationship. In the book, she dedicates a few pages to the link between farting comfortably in front of your significant other and long-lasting relationships.

That’s right. She believes that farting could turn out to be beneficial in romantic relationships.

She says the first time she accidentally let one rip in front of her boyfriend (now current husband) her partner felt closer to her than ever. They both started feeling more comfortable around each other, so her husband started cutting the cheese in front of her too.

As the author believes, farting in front of each other is a sign of acceptance, truth, and honesty in the relationship. Of course, partners don’t fart in front of other people as they can’t trust them like they trust their significant other.

They know that farting is nothing but comforting. Leah also believes that every time you do this natural thing in front of your partner, you create empathy for one another.

According to another survey by Mic, when partners fart in front of each other, it shows a true intimacy in their relationship. It means they understand each other’s sense of humor which strengthens their bond.

Believe it or not, the human’s intestines produce 500-2,000mls of gas a day. So, if you ever break wind in front of your significant other, don’t be embarrassed and tell them that it’s normal and healthy.

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