All Girls Who Grew Up Without a Father Are Incredibly Strong and Loved!

To All Girls Who Grew Up Without a Father You're Strong and Loved!

Those girls who have grown up without a father, know how hard it is. They are born with that strength to go through any struggle and regardless how much it hurts, they survive through it.

Life sends our way only those things we can conquer, and remember that everything we break can be rebuilt. Therefore, if your heart is broken, you can fix it. You shouldn’t blame yourself for the absence of your father.

This is not your fault. And remember, it does not matter the reason why he left and wasn’t there for you, his decision to leave is not about you.

You should not let that to make you bitter. Inevitably, his absence will impact you in different ways you might not understand, but you are worth fighting for. Do not stop, fight for yourself.

When you wake up every day, remind yourself that you are stronger than you know and that you are worthy.B ut do not confuse things, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your feelings.

Do not ignore the pain you feel, be honest and open with it. If you want to, feel free to cry, scream, grieve. You should do whatever you believe is needed to let go of the pain.

Do not conceal your wounds. You should forgive your father. Although, you think it’s impossible you should do that. Do it for yourself. Forgive your dad for hurting you without an apology.

Convert all your pain in strength. The pain should inspire you and not defeat you. Do not forget that you are strong. And, my dear, never compare yourself to others.

Some of your friends may have good, loving fathers and you may feel bad that you do not have that. You may begin doubting your worth and ask yourself different questions.

But, you should know that comparing your life to others might only diminish your magic. Nothing else can determine your work. Do not waste your time on questions which will only get you stuck in one place.

Only you have walked in your shoes, only you know how it feels, and you have survived. Do not be scared to love, do not let this stop you from giving empathy and love to others. You should use that pain as an example how not to love.

You are not that scared little girl anymore, bear that in mind. Many people will love you for who you are without reservations, without borders, and conditions. You should not close off completely.

Remember you are lovable, you are loved, you are valuable, you are strong. You can survive on your own, and you are not alone. You are loved, and you are enough just the way you are.

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