Gaslighting – The Evilest Mind Game Out There Everyone Should Know

Gaslighting - The Evilest Mind Game Out There Everyone Should Know

“Do I feel as I’m going insane? Have I ever stopped thinking that maybe it’s not because of me or my mind?” –  Yes, as a matter of fact, it can be because someone close to us is trying to make us feel insane.

A common way abusers control their victims is to have them discredited to that specific point where they question their sanity, feel bad about themselves, and cannot find out what the truth is and what isn’t.

You should know that this tactic is recognized by the name gaslighting. As a matter of fact, this tactic got its name after a movie in the 50s which concentrates on a man who tricks a woman into thinking that she is going crazy.

Gaslighting is one of the evilest mind games, and everyone needs to be informed about it in order to recognize it. In case you have been questioning yourself lately and your relationship, then this is something you must read.

Understand that gaslighting is emotional abuse. This type of abuse makes you question reality, how you feel about a certain thing, and whether you should be angry about certain things your partner have done.

Gaslighting is done is a few ways. The most common one denies that something occurred, even if you know for a fact that it happened.

If you try to discuss this or argue about it with your abuser, most likely they shall cut you off or repeat the same things until you had enough. You should bear in mind that gaslighting can be present even within family members.

You see if your abuser regardless if it’s your partner, significant other, friend or relative they might try to isolate you from the rest of your family and friends. They will start to describe you as insane.

Your abuser might tell everyone else, that you are trying to hurt yourself and they will tell and describe themselves as the hero who stays no matter what and who saves you.

This can go all to the way of them telling authorities that you are suicidal whenever you leave them, they do this to control you.

You should know that these abusers pick their fights. They do it so they can wear down their victims. They always claim that the argument was your fault or that you contradict whatever the victim said to tire them out additionally.

Bear in mind that gaslighting is challenging to pinpoint. Why? Because the abusers often make an excuse, and find different ways to blame-shift and distract you until you they can no longer find things to argue about.

Often, victims can tell and remember that they used to be happier, but they are confused to that point that they do not understand why they are upset.

You should know that those people who are gaslit question themselves, are frustrated with life and feel worn down. They are being trained to feel that way about themselves.

Often, they feel as they cannot win any argument, and they are resentful of their significant others. They do not want to argue; even when they are forced to do it, still they do not want to do it.

Also, they apologize frequently. They assume they are wrong the whole time, and they feel as they cannot do anything right. Victims of gaslighting often lie that they are alright, or they stop trying to talk about it or be heard at all.

If you can tell that you are a victim of gaslighting, do not hesitate to ask for help. Leave that person regardless if it’s your spouse, relative or friend. Choose yourself and your life, and leave.

You only live once, and you deserve to have the best life possible, around such people with twisted minds you won’t be able to have it.

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