What Flower to Tattoo Based on Your Birth Month?

Zodiac tattoos are great for those believing in astrology, but finding an original style for you could be hard. There are 12 zodiac signs in total, so the chances you have the same or similar style of a tattoo with many other people is pretty high.

For instance, a Virgo would probably tattoo the figure of the woman, or the letter ‘M’ written in a weird but still the same style.

So, a perfect alternative for the standard zodiac tattoos is that with birth flowers.

Besides having a special meaning for you, these delicate flower tattoo designs are really beautiful. So, you’ll have a beautiful tattoo with meaning – and, isn’t that the point?

Each month has a specific flower that stands as a symbol for it (1). A flower that’s the perfect choice for those born in that month. Discover what your birth flower is according to your birth month, and get inspiration for your next tattoo.

Here are several suggestions for your future tattoo.

1. January: Carnation

Carnations are sweetly fragrant flowers that symbolize love, distinction, and fascination. Plus, they can be in different colors, so you have options to choose from.

2. February: Violet

Violets are beautiful flowers in purple and white shades. They symbolize hope, faithfulness, and wisdom. Having a violet flower as a tattoo means you’ll always be true.

3. March: Daffodil

These beautiful, yellow flowers mark the beginning of spring. They also stand as a symbol of respect, domestic happiness, rebirth, friendship, and regard.

4. April: Sweet Pea & Daisies

Both of these flowers have a dainty and delicate look, especially the sweet pea. It symbolizes ‘delicate pleasures,’ and it comes in a variety of colors. On the other hand, daisies represent purity, loyal love, and innocence.

5. May: Lily of the Valley

This flower looks equally beautiful when bunched together or alone. Its meaning depends on the color, and it can vary from beauty, love, perfection, and passion.

6. June: Rose and Honeysuckle

There are so many rose tattoo designs that you won’t have problems finding one. Rose signifies chastity, humility, sweetness, and a return to happiness. Honeysuckle stands for appreciation, gratitude, and love. Plus, it comes in many colors so you can make your tattoo colorful.

7. July: Water Lily

Water Lilies are one of the coolest flowers. They represent sweetness, joy, and fickleness.

8. August: Poppy

A tattoo with bright red poppy looks wonderful. This flower stands for moral integrity.

9. September: Morning Glory

These simplistic flowers have a beautiful shape and old-fashioned charm. They can be purple-blue, pink, white, or magenta, and represent love, daintiness, and magic.

10. October: Marigold

This beautiful, brightly colored flower signifies comfort, sympathy, protection, and healing.

11. November: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are believed to bring laughter and happiness in the home. They represent love and cheerfulness, and their beautiful look makes some of the most beautiful floral design tattoos.

12. December: Narcissus and Poinsettia

Those born in this month can tattoo a narcissus or poinsettia on their body. The first one signifies self-esteem, sweetness, and vanity, and the other one good cheer and success.

What do you think about birth month flower tattoos? Would you tattoo the flower according to your birth month, or you’d go with another one?

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