For Everyone Who Has Lost a Loved One – You Are Stronger Than You Think!

For Everyone Who Has Lost a Loved One - You Are Stronger Than You Think!

Have you ever lost a loved one? Then, you know how it hurts. You know that nothing hurts more than trying to live a life when that person is gone. You know they can never return and hug you one last time. You know they deserved to live a long and happy life.

But, life has finally shown you how unfair it is. You had to say goodbye to the person you loved most. To the one that made your heart beat and your blood run through your veins. The one that made you feel alive.

You know you didn’t have enough time with them. You didn’t say everything you wanted to say. You have so much more to tell and share with that person. But, you’ve learned that whatever God you believe in doesn’t play favorites.

The day you found out they are gone, is the day your real struggle began. Ever since then, you are trying to find out the meaning of life. You’ve started questioning everything because only in that way you can perhaps live a normal life.

You feel like you’ve lost your strength when you lost them. But, you still have a little bit of strength that keeps you alive. You are still breathing and trying to live. You may not realize, but the death of your loved one has made you stronger than ever.

You’ve gone through the most difficult experience in your life. You’ve dealt with funeral arrangements, grieving relatives, condolence messages. You’ve made it and survived the most difficult time of your life. The time when you just wanted to disappear.

But, remember that you can still smile. You can still laugh and live.

Even when you move on with your life, you won’t be done with crying. You’ll still cry when seeing something that reminds you of them. When you see a picture of them on your Facebook or Instagram, when you hear their favorite song, or when you can’t fall asleep at night.

Don’t think those tears make you weak. On the contrary – they make you stronger! They make you a survivor! You have gone through the biggest loss you can ever imagine, and you know how the unbearable pain feels like.

You know how it is to desperately want to touch and feel that person, and not be able to. You wanted answers so many times, yet you never received one.

You’ve never imagined you will suffer pain like this one, yet you survived! This battle you are fighting is only making you appreciate life and those around you more. You still have a big heart and a lot of love to give.

And, that makes you a winner! Death didn’t make you a bad, cynical, or pessimistic person.

On the contrary, you appreciate every single person in your life that really means to you. You don’t wait for tomorrow to tell them or show them that you care about them. You never miss a chance to talk to them or make them happy and loved.

Although you will grieve for that person forever, the same person has made you a stronger person and has thought you to appreciate your life a little more. And for that, thank them from the bottom of your heart, and never forget them.

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