Here’s Why Empaths Can See Right Through You

Here's Why Empaths Can See Right Through You

Surely you have heard about the people who are highly sensitive empaths. Well, you should also know that they are a living lie detector. Yes, empaths are able to discern if you are telling the truth thanks to their one of a kind abilities.

You see, an empath is able to read the feelings of others and to sense what other people are feeling.

Empaths are well-attuned to feeling and detecting the emotional state of people around them, almost always, they start to develop a level of interpersonal intelligence.

You should know that interpersonal intelligence is the capability to understand and also to interact with others.

This ability includes effective nonverbal and verbal communication, the capability to see a distinction among others, sensitivity to the temperaments and moods of others. And the capability to entertain different perspectives.

This capability may become frustrating and tiring for an empath. Often, those people around us, even the closest ones, hide their real motives, feelings, and intentions.

So, when this occurs, an empath might become conflicted. They can clearly see what is beneath the mask. Also, they always hope for honesty, and the sad thing is that they rarely receive it.

The best thing to do is always to be honest with an empath because they are the best mind detectives ever.

Here’s Why You Should Always Be Honest with An Empath

#1 Empaths Hear Everything

When we say empaths hear everything, we mean literally everything. Empaths hear even those things you do not say. The change in the tone, the way the voice rises and the hesitation an empath notices all of these things.

Also, empaths know what your silence means when you choose to say nothing.

#2 Empaths See It In Your Eyes

Do you know why you should always be honest with an empath? Because they can see right through you. For example, if you are hurting, they will know.

If you’re going through a difficult time in your life, they will see it. If you are happy and don’t want to show, they will see it. All an empath needs to do is look you in the eyes, and they will know how you feel deep down.

#3 Empaths Can Tell When You Aren’t Fine

You can say that you are fine all you want, but an empath can see the real picture. What empaths want is a little transparency to shine through. In case there is someone you can trust and open to, it is an empath.

They will gladly listen to what you have to say, and they will understand how you feel.

#4 Empaths Identify Negative People Instantly

Empaths can easily spot a negative individual. You see, negative people thrive on and make chaos and drama.

An empath knows this, that is why when they meet a negative person they instantly make boundaries and distance themselves from them. They do not want negativity into their space, and that is how they keep their peace.

Final Thoughts

Once you think about it, there is no reason why you should be dishonest with an empath. Stay your true self. Empaths are the most caring and compassionate people on Earth.

If anyone is going to be non-judgmental and understand you and your way of life, it is definitely an empath. Therefore, do not waste your energy and time trying to lie to empaths. Because, hey, they already figured you out.

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