This Is How Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People

If you have had toxic people in your life, then you know that they usually spread negative energy, and they tend to criticize you all the time because they care only about themselves.

These people like setting traps for you to get caught, and they suck all of the energy you have, so you are left emotionally and physically exhausted.

Since these people just waste your time and cause you a lot of pain, you have to learn how to deal with their toxicity. In this article, we offer you eight ways in which emotionally intelligent people handle things.

1. Forgive, But Do Not Forget

People who are emotionally intelligent are aware that we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. But, we should not harm others, and when someone hurts them, they tend to forgive them quickly.

However, in order to protect themselves from future pain, they do not forget.

2. Ignore What They Say, Not What They Do

Do not pay attention to their problems and complaints, and do not respond to their insults and provocations, but learn to ignore whatever they say. Do not let them destroy your peace of mind.

Emotionally intelligent people pretend like toxic people do not even exist. Also, they never allow them to see that they have caused them pain.

3. There Are Boundaries

People who are emotionally intelligent know how to say “no,” and they are not available to toxic people all the time. In order to gain more control, so the toxic people would not be able to attack them, they defend their boundaries.

4. The Focus is on the Solution

When you think about your problems all the time, you bring more of them. People who are smart know that they should not waste time focusing on the problem, but they focus on finding a solution.

And, they do not think negatively of toxic people, but they try to find a proper way to deal with their toxicity.

5. No Sharing Secrets

People who are toxic adore gossiping, and they cannot keep a secret. You need to be careful because if they learn your secrets, they will tell everyone. Smart people keep their secrets a secret, and they do not trust toxic people at all.

6. Self-Care Matters

It is very important to find some time for yourself. Emotionally intelligent people recognize their emotions, and they know how to love themselves. Spending time on self-care makes them more confident, and they do not care what other people say.

They would not waste their energy on unimportant things.

7. Support is Important

Since dealing with people who are toxic is not an easy thing, smart people know that they need support from people they trust in order to get through the challenges.

8. A Thick Skin

People who have a kind heart usually attract toxic people. And, since they are like sponges that absorb everything, they can become victims of toxic people very quickly.

So, emotionally intelligent people develop a thick skin to protect themselves. In this way, they do not take everything personally.

After all, even if the toxic person in your life is a friend, relative, or partner, do not let them destroy your life, but feel free to cut them out. You should not waste time on people who do not deserve you.

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