Powerful Advice From A Dying 24 Year Old

There are a lot of us who do live just to exist, not to live really. Many things in the world are on our hands, but we feel lost and empty.

Usually, we stay awake for hours and hours by overthinking everything even things that are not that important such as what other people think of us. We cannot know what happens to us when we pass away.

But, the ways we live our life, as well as the choices we make, define us and our existence. And, of course, our lives are in our own hands.

We have so many opportunities to live our lives, but some of us are just stuck working and focused only on money, power, and stability, when in fact, we should be looking deep inside us.

When we are at work, we are counting down how much we are left of the day till we go home, rest, and get ready for the following day. We tend to live fast lives chasing something, and then, one day, we wake up, and we ask ourselves why we wanted that thing.

Maybe you are reading this article and thinking “This is nonsense,” but here is one 24-year-old that will change your mind. This young man posted his story online, more precisely on Reddit thread.

His story went viral, and we really hope that you will learn a lesson; you will realize that our lives are short. We need to live a life full of love and positivity. The 24-year-old man starts his story by saying that he has picked his last tie that he is going to wear on his funeral.

Sadly, the young man is not going to live a long life. He got his cancer diagnosis a little bit late, so he could not do anything to prolong his life. However, he is aware that he needs to use that time he has left to do things he wants and things that make him happy.

Moreover, he explains that the way he has lived his life is nothing special, he was just preoccupied with numerous insignificant things. But, when he realized that his time on our planet is limited and short, he realized which things matter the most.

In order to give a meaning to his life, this young man wants to share the lessons he has learned with the rest of the world.  So, read on to find out what the 24-year-old man teaches you.

1. Life is too short to work something you are not liking. Of course, no one can be successful in something they do not like. When you love something you do, then, passion, dedication, and patience come easily.

2. One of the most stupid things is to care what other people think of you. When you are afraid of something, you become weak and ever paralyzed. If you allow yourself to be afraid, the fear will become bigger and worse, and it will destroy you.

You need to listen to your heart. There will always be people who will not like you, but also, there will always be people who will adore you.

3. Your life is in your own hands, and you need to be responsible for everything you that happens to you. Try to overcome the bad habits, and try leading a healthier life.

For example, you can find some sport that makes you happy. It is very important not to delay things. Your life should be shaped by the decisions you make, not by the ones you did not.

4. Your family and friends are priceless; you need to know that. They will be your source of love and strength. So, please, make sure to not take them for granted.

The 24-year-old says that it is not easy for him to show you how important these realizations are, but he just hopes that people around the world will pay attention to someone who knows the value of time.

He is not sad because he is aware that his last days will be important and meaningful. But, he regrets it for not being able to experience and see new and cool stuff such as the creation of Al. This young man really hopes that the war in Ukraine and Syria will come to an end soon.

According to him, we care too much for our body which is just a box that carries beliefs, personality, intentions, and thoughts. Our bodies have no meaning if there is nothing in them that can make a change in this world.

The young man strongly believes that we are all capable of making a change, but we need the courage to realize that. In life, you have a choice whether to live day by day or to take some action and fight for your dreams and beliefs.

This world is like a playground where the impossible becomes possible. We need to have meaningful lives; we need to enjoy every moment we spend here because life is short and we cannot know how much time we have left to be here.

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