Are Dragonflies Carrying A Deep and Significant Meaning?

If You See a Dragonfly, It May Carry a Message!

When we see an insect, we sometimes get some feelings. What do we feel or maybe think when we see a dragonfly? Does it make us feel better, positive, happier?

The dragonflies belong to a family called Odonata. The word dragonfly itself is formed because people believed that the insects used to be dragons before.

Dragonflies begin to grow in watery areas, then they start flying in the air. They live around lakes, ponds, or rivers. Water symbolizes the emotions and the subconscious.

Generally, dragonflies are a symbol of change and transformation. They make a bond between us and nature and gives us happy feelings. Some other meanings of dragonflies are adaptability, joy, emotional realm, diving much deeper in your feelings, be careful on illusions and lies, and links with the spirits of nature.

If it happens to you to see a dragonfly, that means that you should change and become a better person than you already are.

Dragonflies are spiritual animals, and they serve as an inspiration to people who need changes in their lives.

Dragonflies have a specific characteristic to change their colors while they are getting more mature. It is the same as people who change their inside colors.

People who have this insect as a totem should get inspiration and be able to make a good use of their capabilities and adjust in every situation.

You will have to make a good exploration if you see a dragonfly.

In the past, Mayans considered dragonfly as an emblem of Ix, the goddess of creativity. People believed that the wings of a dragonfly together with some enchanted song returned Ix after she was on the edge of her life.

Native Americans believe that this insect is a symbol of the souls of dead people.

Likewise, Japan has the dragonfly as a national emblem. It symbolizes happiness and rebirth. While in China, people link dragonflies with luck, prosperity, and harmony.

Another horrible name for dragonfly is “horse stinger.” That is so because horses had dragonflies on them and people believed that they were eating the parasitic insects that were harming the horses. This story spread to Australia.

People from Wales believe that dragonflies follow snakes and stitch up their injuries. So, they call them snake’s servants.

This incredible insect keeps our dreams and helps us in finding our true capability. Dragonfly’s wings have the colors of the universe, so it endlessly links us to its energy.

Swedish tales from the past say that dragonflies look for evil souls. Also, they say that dragonflies find kids who lie and sew their eyes, mouths, and ears. This is connected with the change which we mentioned above.

This insect is living on the Earth for 300 million of years, and that is something special. It does not matter if you believe their purpose or not; the fact is that they are actually important.

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