Why Depression Is More Than Just Being Sad?

Why Depression Is More Than Just Being Sad

Today we are going to say a thing or two about depression. In most cases, depression is not the saddest person in the room. Actually, it is quite contrary. It is the person we would have never expected.

It is like that because they try to convince us that they are happy, and with that, they are trying to convince themselves too.

You should know that depression is not the that melancholy person people avoid. In fact, it is the person people love due to the light they bring to a room. They are bright only because they understand darkness.

Remember that depression is not that person who is asking for help. It is that person who is silent while dealing with the battles they cannot understand themselves.

There is nothing good about a bad night as you fall on your knees crying your heart out. And… no one can hear you! So, you need to go through this yourself.

It is those sleepless nights that you are awake, laying in your bed and staring at the ceiling. It is that time when you get sad for no reason.

It is those tears you do not mention to people since you do not know why you are crying, all you know is that you need to cry.

It is the need and want to be around people but the also the want and need to push them away all at the same time.

Depression is those plans canceled at the last minute since you just could not muster the strength to deal with people and to get out of your bed. Depression is when you hear your alarm clock in the morning, but you do not want to get up.

You see, my dear, depression is the struggle when you try to explain to close friends and family when they ask what is wrong? You do not know, and you have no idea how to fix this thing. It is only a feeling you are learning to work through.

It is all those toxic people or habits you move towards. It is the constant imbalance of different things in life. Depression is either staying in bed for weeks or overexercising at the gym.

Is either eating too much or not being hungry. It is that weight loss or weight gain people ask about, but you know that you could not help it. It is people asking if you are fine and you are responding with “ I am just tired.”

It’s overcompensating in relationships and just trying too hard. You understand that you are tough to deal with, but at the same time, you know that there is not anyone you love more than those people who accept you for who you are.

Depression is loving people hard since you are still learning to love and accept yourself for who you are. It is being addicted to things which give you purpose regardless if it is becoming a workaholic or being a perfectionist in academics.

It is the need to be busy since you do not want to stay alone because things might get worse. It’s the strength in you since there is nothing harder than trying to overcome the demons in you.

Depression it is the excitement and joy you bring to others since although you are sad, you love life. It is the saddest and happiest person people know. However, there is a beauty to someone who understands both emotions.

It is gratitude and an appreciation for life. It is understanding that regardless of what happens eventually things will get better. You see, my dear, depression is hope even in those bad moments which seem hopeless.

Depression is not allowing for this to define who you are as a person but knowing to live through it. Also, it is about being the example, other people might follow.

Source: Thought Catalog

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