How to Deal with Difficult People – Kill Them with Kindness!

It can happen from time to time to be really annoyed and frustrated with someone’s behavior. In these situations, you probably shut them down and instantly dislike them. But has it happened to discover later that those people had a bad day for a good reason?

Have you ever been that snappy person yourself? Don’t feel bad, cause this is normal to happen. However, you should bear in mind that those people might be acting like that since something stressful might be going on at their home.

Maybe these problematic people already had around 5 things that went wrong, and you came as number 6. They might be worried about something or recently have lost someone.

We aren’t talking about those people who have a history of a confusing, chaotic and rude behavior over time or those who intentionally hurt other people, no matter the circumstances.

So, what happens when you meet the previously described people who are simply difficult at the moment? Well, there are ways to deal with these people. With these ways, you might help them and last but not least keep your calm state of mind.

Ways to Deal with Difficult People

#1 Try Not to Judge a Prickly Person According to the First Impression

If you give them a chance, you will see that even the less likable, difficult people might rapidly become more likable if you just listen to them. If you encounter such person, just show that you hear them and try to acknowledge their needs and situations.

Here we usually react in rejection and frustration, and this is something we need to change.

#2 If Appropriate According to the Situation – Apologize

In case you’ve played any role in their frustration, such as keeping them waiting, you need to apologize from the start. And you should do this even in case they are rude and unpleasant about it.

The truth is that a sincere apology can help defuse many different situations. By acknowledging someone’s point of view without judging it openly even if you don’t really agree can really help.

#3 Never Let Their Anger and Negativity Bring Out the Anger and Negativity in You

It is always hard when you have a smile on your face and have to talk with someone with an angry face. Usually, these people speak in harsh, clipped tones. And it seems that even though you’ve never met, they have something against you.

You might see their negativity and anger, but you should never let that provoke the negativity and anger inside you. These people aren’t fully awake to see that they portray such negativity.

Treat them kindly, do it for them and your peace.

Hope these ways will help you to deal with unpleasant, difficult people. Still, there are some people where boundaries are necessary. There are situations where you need just to turn and walk away; their kindness won’t really help.

But remember you need to place these boundaries kindly, calmly and firmly. This will work better in comparison to returning an insult and raising your voice at someone. Why? Because this will just give them an excuse to get more angrier and mean.

Next time someone offends you, try to be kind to them, there might be something going on you don’t know anything about. You should do this for yourself; you don’t need to absorb other people’s negative energy.

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