“Post-Apocalyptic” Images Show Masses of Dead Sea Creatures Washed Up in The UK

Many people across Europe have been evaluating the damage from the dramatic wintery weather that they named the “Beast from the East.” But the people who decided to visit specific parts of the English coast were greeted by a shocking surprise.

Countless dead starfish together with other sea creatures all washed up at the East Yorkshire and the shores of Kent. The piled up bodies of the sea creatures created a surreal scene of a post-apocalyptic movie.

So, how can such a blizzard cause such devastation and massive destruction?

Dead Starfish Washed Up the Shores

Such a huge number of dead starfish findings is nothing new. For instance, there were a few million dead starfish found back in 1960 at the coast of Worcester Country in the U.S. Moreover in 1999, 10,000 more were found in the British Isles at the Isle of Man.

Another 50,000 were also found across the Irish coastline back in 2009. Well, it seems that these shocking numbers are not going to stop anytime soon.

Even though these events are not unique, seeing molluscs and crabs among the pile of dead sea creatures is quite disturbing. That is what gave Michael Symmons Roberts inspiration to write a poem.

What Has Caused Such Devastation?

The exact reason for that many dead sea creatures to be washed up the shores is still unknown. However, some people blame the storms and extremely cold weather.

The polar vortex called The Beast from the East ushered high winds and freezing temperatures onto the east coastline of the United Kingdom. Such massive winds can greatly disturb the seas.

Also, they can create huge waves that can collect all the animals that may reside on the seabed.

If the sediment on the seabed are moved, they can suffocate the sea creatures. Moreover, the waves can pick up the dead animals and move them up to shore at the time of high tides.

As a result, we can see a pile of dead sea creatures stranded when the tide resides.

What’s even worse is the fact that the shores faced low spring tides during the peak of the storm. This caused the marine effects to be significantly destructive.

Moreover, the Beast from the East brought incredibly freezing temperatures over the course of a few days in several regions of the country.

The previous massive strandings were blamed on the extremely freezing temperatures that made the marine life gravely lethargic.

Final Thoughts

Starfish might be at the highest risk of being washed up to shore after the storms due to their behavior known as “starballing.”

They curl their bodies and arms in order to create a spherical balloon or a ball-shape with their bodies.

This way, they can roll over the seabed very fast when they want to travel long distances. However, while the storm is ravaging the water, they get easily rolled out of control and end up on the ground shores.

Unfortunately, they die. This theory may explain the reason behind the dead sea creatures washed up the shores. But, the reason for such a massive number of sea creatures to be stranded on the shores still remains a mystery.

After all, it is normal to see a few animals being washed up after a huge storm. But, these many animals make it incredibly worrying.

Source: Science Alert

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