No One Should Be Afraid of Cutting Family Members Out of Their Life

No One Should Be Afraid of Cutting Family Members Out of Their Life

When it comes to family, society has made us believe that family is supposed to be this unbreakable, spiritual bond which no one should try to break. But, sadly the reality is different because this isn’t always true.

You see, sometimes it may be needed for your own emotional and mental stability and peace to break this bond and distance yourself from a specific family member. You should do it even if it means letting them go forever.

You should bear in mind that a toxic family member can cause more harm in comparison to an acquaintance or a friend.

Toxic relationships regardless if they are with a family member or a partner drain you emotionally. But when it comes to a toxic relationship with someone from a family member those influence your overall mental health.

Countless individuals who have lived their entire lives dealing with family members who were toxic tend to seek therapy. There are some techniques which these individuals might use to try and make these toxic relationships more tolerable.

These methods usually include distancing yourself from the toxic family member. But, sometimes the best solution is to eliminate this person from your life entirely.

It may be possible to remove bad, toxic acquaintances, lovers, colleagues, or friends from your life without drama but what if that toxic person is someone from your family?

Often, this is complicated and emotionally conflicting, especially if it’s a parent. However, if it gets to the point where it will be impossible to live a liberated or happy life, eliminating them from your life is the best thing to do.

Before you begin eliminating people from your life, it is crucial to know the signs that someone is a negative person.

In case anyone from your family shows these signs, you should know that they might be a threat when it comes to your mental health.

Signs of a Negative, Toxic Person

#1 You are the victim of their own insecurities. They do not appreciate what you have done in life; they use every situation to point out what you have not done. They constantly remind you that life is bad and that you shouldn’t be happy about certain things.

#2 They judge you.

#3 They abuse you.

#4 You are always guilty regardless of the situation. They always blame you for their mistakes.

So, now that you know the signs of a toxic person, can you think of someone? Do you have some family member who has made you the anchor of their life?

It’s usual for toxic family members to have shifting behavior.

One day they can pretend to care and be kind, other days they might insult you and try to be insensitive. One day they will be nice, and the next day they can be mean and sarcastic.

One thing is certain; it will not feel natural to eliminate a toxic family member from your life, no matter how hard they are for you. There are many strings and emotions, and it will shake the foundation your life is founded on.

However, if you do not resist the impulse what will happen is that you will have to pay the price in order to keep the foundation intact. That price is your mental stability and your life.

And if your family member is one of your parents or caretakers you should bear in mind that the price is higher.

By default, a parent or a caretaker gets the benefit of the doubt since raising a kid may be overwhelming and tricky, and it doesn’t come with a manual.

Sometimes, even if you try to talk to your family member and tell them that what they are doing is hurting you most likely, they won’t react well. They might dismiss your thoughts, put the blame on society or you and never change.

You need to understand that you cannot make other people happy if you are not happy yourself. It’s crucial for every person to concentrate on their life and then allow others in their life.

The truth is that every relationship needs a lot of work, especially the relationship with your family. Therefore, there are a lot of expectations attached to this relationship with our family.

So, when family members hurt us, or take us for granted, what happens, we lose our minds. It’s important to keep a balance and personal space, and they should respect that if they really care about you.

However, if nothing you try works, then you should know that eliminating them from your life is the right thing to do. Yes, families should support you, be therefore you and cheer you.

So, when you think about it just any group of individuals who do this can be your family. Often the worst relationships are the abusive ones with parents.

It can be excruciating to understand that the personality of your toxic parent is very unlikely to change. And another stumbling block of that is the social stigma of needing to honor the father and the mother.

You should just remember one thing cutting toxic people is crucial for your wellness and mental health, even if those toxic people is someone from your immediate family. Sometimes, you got to choose yourself.

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