Learn Which Country Has The Most Positive Influence In The World

The founding fathers of America wanted it to be the best country in the world, an example of democracy and freedom. They wanted the world to see America as a role model, but is that still happening?

Making the USA “a shining city upon a hill” is related to President R. Reagan, and it has been used by a politician since the first days of the country. However, a new survey says something else.

As it appears the light has faded away. According to the survey, the number of people who see the USA as a country that has a positive influence has decreased. An IPSOS MORI poll interrogated 18,000 people across twenty-five nations.

Image Source: Statista

They revealed that only forty percent of them see the USA as a country with positive influence. Thirty-five percent of people see Russia as a country with positive influence, and forty-nine percent prefer China.

The ratings have decreased for twenty-four percent since last year. According to the poll, Canada is the country that is setting the best example in the world, and amazing eighty-one percent of people say it has a good influence.

Image Source: IPSOS MORI

So, the top three are Canada, Australia, and Germany. In Europe, the UK and the EU are considered to have a good influence, and fifty-seven percent of people believe that. The rate of the UK has decreased by ten percent since last year.

On the bottom of the list are Israel and Iran, and just thirty-two and twenty-one percent of people see them as countries with positive influence. When it comes to international organizations, the UN is in the fourth place, but it has nine points less than last year.

IMF and the World Bank are ahead of China and the USA, but they have seven points less than last year. How do these countries and organizations keep their place at the top?

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