Woman Calls Cops About Whales Swimming Near Boat

Last week, the police were called from a family in Puget Sound, Washington because three humpback whales got a bit too close to a boat. Yes, you read that right. It seems nowadays the police is receiving calls for just about everything, including whales.

Darren Lucianna posted a video on Facebook documenting a close encounter with a few gentle humpback whales which went beneath the boat to check it out.

The video is now viral on Facebook and you can hear many voices screaming out of fear that they will get flipped over.

While some of them are crying and scared, you can hear one man trying to calm them down by saying the whales are intelligent animals which just want to check them out.

But, he was awed by this once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially when he sees there’s more than one whale.

One person says they don’t want to die, others cry, and then there’s the voice who makes the cop call. Here’s what this worried lady said:

I’m out in Puget Sound, and there’s three huge grey whales underneath our boat, and I’m afraid that we might get flipped over.”

But, the gentle sea animals pass beneath them, and they immediately fire up the engine to drive away. The whales followed the boat for a few minutes before disappearing.

Lucianna wrote on the video post that this was quite an amazing adventure. Everything ended well, and the family had a cruise to remember.

But, many Twitter users made fun of the worried lady who made the cop call.

Nevertheless, she explains at the end of the video that the reason she called the police is to inform them about the situation in case something went wrong so they would know where to look for them.

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