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Why Don’t You Understand? – The Secret to Male and Female Communication

Why Don't You Understand - The Secret to Male and Female Communication

”Are we speaking a different language?” Many relationships come to an end because there was not understanding about partners’ needs. Men and women interviewed after a breakup, gave answers such as: “She did not give me enough (need),” or “He did not care about (need).” Very often, in relationships people are focused on their needs, […]

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Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With People Who Don’t Deserve Them

We need to be honest; relationships are enjoyable and beautiful. But, in some cases, dating is not that good, and you may only waste your time for nothing. Probably, you have had many unsuccessful relationships, that ended because of some idiot’s improper attitude. Who needs that? No one! No one needs anyone who is treating […]

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