California May Become the First State to Have 6 Months of Paid Maternity Leave

California might become the first state in the nation ever to give parents around 6 months of paid leave. You see, this new legislation actually has been introduced at the State Capitol.

Why is this happening? Well, according to research the longer paid maternity leave is more beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

More extended paid maternity leave might increase the rate of mothers who try breastfeeding by around 18%. Also, this will help them bond with their baby more. Governor Gavin Newsom said that this is one of the many benefits to the plan.

However, lawmakers still do not understand how the state will be able to pay in order to keep parents home along with their newborn baby.

The bill which is sponsored by the California Lawyers Association will offer parents protection for their job. Supporters say that workers are already paying for that.

They say that at the moment employees actually pay into the program of paid family leave with their own money from their paychecks. There is a big possibility that the funding is there it only needs to be reworked to fund this bill.

Until more funding details emerge, the California Small Business Chamber has declined to take any position in their proposal.

We will just have to wait and see what the outcome of this will be. What do you think about the six months paid maternity leave?

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