Bus Driver Makes A Special Stop For Hungry Dog Every Day

“He sits and patiently waits every day no matter what the weather is like.”

This article was inspired by thedodo website and originally written by Stephen Messenger.

The wagging tail of this dog says everything. It may not speak, but the way it wags his tail every day surely means “thank you.”

Feed The Furbabies Canada is an organization that provides supplies and food to rescued pets, and to prevent stray animals in rural areas from staying hungry.

One school bus driver is a volunteer in this organization. She’ll stay anonymous because of the unscheduled stops she had to make to help a needy dog.

The first time she noticed the pup was two years ago. It looked very thin while desperately trying to find something to eat in a trash can.  Another day, she noticed the same dog on the roadside.

However, this time she had a bag full of dog food, so she just tossed it close to the animal.

Although the dog was skittish, this single act of kindness marked the beginning of a daily tradition.

The founder of the organization, Kareena Grywinski, said:

“She has continued to feed him every day, Monday to Friday, at the same location. He sits and patiently waits every day no matter what the weather is like.”

Check out the sweet exchange in the video below.


The animal is still a bit reluctant to approach too closely but is far better than his once-emaciated state.

Although his exact living conditions aren’t known, the fact that he keeps on coming at the same place every day for the handout could mean he is relying only on this food.

The best solution for all homeless animals would be to be placed with loving families. However, this place is overpopulated with stray dogs, so ensuring they aren’t hungry is still a significant change.

As Grywinski says:

“This community has over a 100 dogs needing to be rescued; it breaks our hearts that we can’t take them all home.There just aren’t enough foster homes available for these precious pets. We do the best we can by providing them food and dog houses until a space opens up in a rescue for them.”

Visit Feed The Furbabies Canada facebook page to learn more about the group. If you like, you can donate via Paypal as well.

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