Grieving Bride Wears Wedding Dress to Her Fiance’s Grave on Their Big Day

Grieving Bride Wears Wedding Dress to Her Fiance's Grave on Their Big Day

A grieving bride wore her wedding dress in order to visit the grave of her fiancé. She did it on the exact day they were supposed to get married, say “I do” and live happily ever after. The photos show the grieving bride, Jessica Padgett, as well as video below.

She is kneeling in front of the headstone of her fiancé. Her fiancé, Kendall James Murphy was a firefighter for Montgomery Indiana.

Their special day should have been on September 29.

But unfortunately, Murphy was killed in November 2017 when his co-worker, by the name Colby Blake, crashed his vehicle into 3 others as they responded to a call.

The co-worker wasn’t injured, but it is said that he had a blood alcohol level of 21% which more in comparison to the legit limit of 08 %.

His heartbroken fiancé wore her wedding dress on that day they were supposed to get married.

She did it to honor the memory of her fiancé. In his honor, she posed for a few photos with his tombstone, boots, firefighting gear and his closest friends and family on their special day.

Loving Life Photography took the photos.

They were shared on Facebook, and the post was actually shared around 21,000 times.

The bride became emotional as she was handled her love’s boots with flowers in them.

There was one note on the boots saying: “ Jessica, no matter your path, I’m with you always. Love, your guardian angel, Kendall James.”

On the photo below, you can see family members console the bride as she prepared to take the pictures in her wedding dress.


In one photo, Jessica is holding her fiance’s boots with his photo photoshopped in place right beside her.

The photographer wrote about this photo saying: “She made strong look invincible and broken seem beautiful. Jessica walked with the whole Universe on her shoulders and made it seem like a pair of wings.”

Later Pagett and Murphy families and their closest friends lit paper sky lanterns and let them go.

He is seen proposing to Jessica in the year of 2016.

When he joined the department, he was following his grandfather and father’s footsteps.

Colby Blake was driving drunk when he killed Murphy while both of them responded to a call. On that day both firefighters had got a call about a driver that was stuck inside his vehicle.

While responding to the scene, Colby Blake rear-ended another truck with his truck and actually kept going to hit another car.

In that time, Murphy has arrived on the scene with his personal vehicle. He parked it and exited. He opened the left rear passenger door in order to retrieve his protective clothing. While doing that he was hit by Blake’s vehicle.

Sadly, the 27-year-old firefighter and fiancé died on the scene. Blake, his co-worker, was arrested and charged with causing death when operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content more than allowed of 15 or more.

This case is not set for trial yet. The National Fallen Firefighter Association said about Murphy that he was a selfless man who loved spending time with friends and family.

Also that the had captivating personality and true servant’s heart. His wittiness would make everyone laugh and have him making friends in only seconds. The association added: “He did not know a stranger.”

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