The Heartwarming Moment When a Little Boy Sees Color For The First Time

Adorable video shows the colorblind boy Cameron seeing colors for the first time thanks to a pair of special glasses. His mother surprises him with these glasses, and he didn’t expect to see what he saw.

The 6-year old boy is running around a car park while he’s pointing colors of signs, cars, and flowers. When he sees the sunset in true colors for the first time, he shouts “I feel incredible!”

Cameron has inherited a form of color blindness as his grandad also had this vision problem, so he’s been struggling with colors since young ages.

Ever since he saw an ad about color correcting glasses on Facebook, he couldn’t stop thinking about them and begging his parents to buy him a pair. So, his mother decided to surprise him while he was on a spring break with his father.

After eating in Cobb County, Georgia, the mother handed him the glasses at the car park, but he didn’t realize what kind of glasses they were at first. However, once he put them on, he was more than amazed. His reaction is priceless.

The moment he saw his toybox is red was when he realized those were his color correcting glasses.

He gets so excited that starts running around the park and admiring all the colors he sees. The little boy asks his mom if he could wear them at school and if he could keep them forever?

And, it’s really heartwarming when he hugs his mom and thanks her for the surprise that changed the way he sees everything.

Color blindness is a vision problem about the way you see colors. It’s the inability to distinguish certain colors like red and green or blue and yellow. Total color blindness is rare, but it still exists.

According to Prevent Blindness America color blindness affects 1% of females and 8% of men. Luckily, there are lenses that can help those with red-green color blindness to perceive colors more accurately.

The reaction of Cameron reminds us how lucky we are to see the world in full colors.

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