What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?

Did you know that the month you are born in may tell a lot about you as a person? Well, in this article, we offer you personality traits according to your birth month. Read on to find out what type of a person are you.


If you are born in January, then, you are a good-looking human who adores dressing up. When it comes to boredom, well, you are easily bored and sometimes fussy.

You need more time to recover when you are hurt because you are very sensitive. Also, you are a stubborn, but a down-to-Earth person.


Born in February means you are a clever and intelligent individual who likes abstract and reality. Your personality is changing, you are very alluring, and you appreciate your freedom.

When you are restricted, you are pretty much rebellious and you like aggressiveness. However, you are easily hurt and very sensitive. Even though you get angry easily, you do not show it.

You are also a person who does not appreciate unnecessary things and likes making friends. When it comes to love games, you are pretty much into it. Usually, you work hard and you realize your dreams because you are an ambitious person.


Are you born in March? Well, you are attractive, hot, shy, reserved, and affectionate. Also, you are usually honest, and you know how to keep secrets. Generosity and sympathy belong to your list of traits as well.

Good news, you are an excellent kisser, but you hardly show emotions, and you are easily angered. You are good at assessing others.


April people are compromising, charming, humorous, talkative, stubborn, cool, kind, calm, and loyal. Also, they are very confident and are able to work with others.

If you are one of them, you know that you are clever, curious, and you have a good memory. You like sports and music, you are outgoing, and you are secretive too.


Well, if you are born in May, then, you are a hard-hearted and a stubborn person. You have sharp thoughts, you are highly motivated, and you are a strong-willed person.

But, you can easily get angry. Usually, you are shy of the opposite gender, but you attract others and you like the attention you get. You have a great imagination and you adore dreaming. Literature, arts, and traveling are your things.


Born in June? That means people adore spending time with you! You are an outgoing person who adores making new friends. You possess an excellent taste in movies, and one day you may become a popular actor/actress.


Being born in July means you are a fun person who is very secretive. People cannot understand you easily. You are very quiet except in the moments when you are tensed and excited. You are honest and you care about others.

Forgiving is your thing, but you do not forget. You are loving, warm, caring, and a sharp person who is also very hardworking. Studying is your thing, and you love spending time with your friends.


August people have no self-control and like to take risks. If you are born in this month, you know you are boisterous, loud, self-confident, and kind-hearted. Anyway, you are someone who is very revengeful!

You like singing, talking, and you have a big imagination. You are mysterious, and always a suspect. As a fighter, you tend to be independent, stubborn, curious, and strong-willed.


We have come to the month of September. If you are born in this month, you are a dynamic and an active person. Usually, you are very decisive, you make rushed decisions, and in the end, you regret it.

You are an attractive one who adores the attention. Your mentality is strong, you like solving other people’s problems too. Also, you are brave, fearless, caring, charming, loving, and very generous.

When it comes to love, you adore making love with your partner. And, you are a very stubborn, but emotional individual. Your good memory serves you well. At times, they are very erotic in a way that only their partner can understand.


If you are born in October, you adore chatting and you love those who love you back. You possess a physical as well as inner beauty. You are a brave and fearless person who treats friends in a good way.

Although you are easily hurt, you are able to recover quickly. When it comes to emotions, you do not care to control them. Extremely smart, hot, and very unpredictable!


Are you a November person? Well, you are passionate, loyal, dangerous, trustworthy, and sometimes wild. You are mysterious, fun, and people like you.

Sometimes, you are temperamental and very emotional, but you can meet other people easily. You are an independent one who usually stands out in a crowd.


You are probably one of the most good-looking people if you are born in December. But, you are also generous, patriotic, loyal, ambitious, and you are very fun to be with.

Maybe you are easy to talk with, but people cannot understand you very well. You are sensitive, choosy, temperamental, and you like the best. Making jokes is your thing. And, you are excellent at debating. People like you!

So, what does your birth month say about you?

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