What Your Birth Month Butterfly Says About Your Personality

What Your Birth Month Butterfly Says About Your Personality

Did you know that butterflies are associated with our souls in many cultures? Well, these gentle, beautiful creatures are believed to be a deep and powerful representation of life. A symbol of change, endurance, hope, and life.

Here are twelve butterflies characteristic to a specific month, so find out what’s yours according to your birth month. Then, read what it reveals about your personality. You might realize something interesting about yourself.What Your Birth Month Butterfly Says About Your Personality


Your ability to listen and focus on what people are saying is the reason why you are surrounded by many friends. They know they can come to you with their problems at any time. People admire you for your positive and optimistic view of life.

You love freedom, independence, and beauty. The moment you step into a room it gets filled with joy that everyone can feel it. You have an intense aura and charisma that attracts a lot of people without you realizing it.


You are vibrant, confident, and captivating. It’s up to you if you’ll be a leader or invisible, and it’s this ability that makes you stand out from the rest. People are drawn to you like a magnet as you charm and fascinate them every time they see you.


You are a fighter, and you never give up! That’s your best quality. You give your best in every situation, no matter how hard it is.

You are determined and want to keep a steady pace of life. You have a strong intuition, and you believe everything is for a good cause. There’s a hidden side of your personality you want to keep it only to yourself.


Small things matter a lot to you as you’re an emotional person. What people love most about you is that you are sensitive and caring.

You have a very peaceful and positive nature that makes the world a more loving place to live. You love peace and don’t want to get into conflicts.


People love your amazing personality and the fact that you are never pretending to be someone you’re not. Many people may think you are a distant person, but once they get to know you they would see you’ll do anything to support your loved ones.

Your love for family and friends is deep, and you care about them a lot. You are also very practical.


Conflicts and fights are not your cup of tea, so you try to avoid them. You are a person full of love and warmth who tries to make the world a better place. If someone has to describe you in one word, it’ll probably be ‘Wonderful.’

You never forget other’s wishes and people say you have a heart of gold. These people tend to be very beautiful and amazing partners.


Your courage and bravery are exceptional. You are known for your strong personality, but you also have a sensitive side that only the closest ones can see it.

You respect everyone, but you can’t stand when something wrong is happening around you, so you always confront it.


Honesty is your most dominant character trait. You appreciate honesty in all spheres, and if you know you did something wrong, you’ll admit it without a problem. Your personality allows you to be the center of attention, which is something you love.


Your inquisitive nature and vivid imagination make you question everything around you. Somehow you’ll get what you want out of every situation, and will come out of a sticky one with ease. This is why people see you as a leader and the reason why they admire you.


You have the ability to solve any problem, which is why many people come to you. They appreciate you for listening to their problems and even more for giving them a reasonable and helpful answer. And, you do this with an unbiased nature.


You always have some new innovate idea thanks to your vivid imagination. As you observe your surroundings, you are actually gathering new information about it, and you enjoy while doing it.

Even though you are happy living in your own world, you are still completely aware of what’s going on around you.


You are a highly sensitive person but also very ambitious. These traits will get you far in every aspect of life. You are not afraid to open up about your feelings and admit your mistakes. This is a quality people appreciate.

You do give your best in every situation, but you can always get more. That’s why you are always hoping for more.

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