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Oregano Oil: Why It’s So Beneficial and How to Choose The Best One

Oregano Oil Why It's So Powerful and How to Choose The Best One

Oregano oil is so powerful that it may rival common antibiotics when it comes to preventing and treating different infections. It provides antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial effects without causing side effects associated with antibiotic overuse. But, the benefits of this oil extend beyond just controlling various infections. According to the American Chemical Society research, this […]

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Is The Youngest Sibling Actually The Funniest?

In news that will no doubt delight younger siblings, a survey from YouGov suggests that they are funnier from their older brothers and sisters. The survey asked participants to rank their sense of humor, responsibility, and other traits in comparisons to their siblings. In the survey, 1,783 participants had to rank their own personality traits. […]

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Chia Seeds, Digestion, Brain, and Heart

How Chia Seeds Can Help Improve Digestion, Brain, and Heart

What’s the best thing about chia seeds? Well, they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are not easy to come by. Omega-3 acids are unsaturated fats which are essential to our health, just as omega-6 acids are. But, you can find omega-6 in many products, like avocados, vegetable oils, and nuts, whereas omega-3s are […]

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