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7 Pieces of Advice to Parents of Teenage Daughters

7 Pieces of Advice to All Parents of Teenage Daughters

The emotional changes and surging hormones which form our daughters’ adolescence can feel like riding a roller coaster every day. The impulsive, irrational, inconsistent, self-centered, insensitive behavior of teenagers are often leaving their parents confused. And, no matter how much they try to understand and keep an emotional connection with them, while at the same […]

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Can Clutter Make Us Feel Stressed?

Clutter Can Make Us Stressed and Anxious, Psychologists Say

Isn’t it frustrating to see our place looking like a bomb went off every time we return from a hard day at work? The pile of dirty dishes in the sink, books, clothes, and toys all over the kid’s room, too many empty and half-filled cups on the coffee table… And a few flowerpots knocked […]

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The Best 10 Plants for Our Bedroom and Why?

Isn’t it frustrating to toss and turn all night until the sound of the alarm clock wakes us up minutes after we’ve finally fallen asleep? These sleepless nights can affect our mood, energy, productivity, and overall life quality. One way to improve your sleep quality is to fill your home, especially your bedroom, with wonderful […]

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8 Admirable Traits of Deep Thinkers

8 Admirable Character Traits of Deep Thinkers

We all know a deep thinker. Someone who tends to wander off in their own thoughts, distilling experience, knowledge, understanding, and nature. One who would rather stay quiet in their own thoughts than participate in a meaningless conversation. These are traits of deep thinkers, and if you are one of them, you’re about to discover […]

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