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3 Ways to Prevent Energy Exhaustion

How to Protect Yourself From Other Person’s Negative Energy

Most of us have probably been around someone that makes us drained, right? We feel that some people simply come along with a bad vibe. Well, we are probably not imagining things. According to science, everything around us has energy, and even people are energy transformations. According to one study at the Belfield University in […]

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How to Improve Your Parent-Child Relationship

10 Habits to Strengthen a Parent-Child Relationship

The bond between a kid and a parent is among the most important in life. This bond is one of the earliest a kid has, and this bond sets the bar for every other relationship after that. Good parent-kid relationship fosters better decision-making skills, autonomy. And also self-esteem, and curiosity. All parents crave those bonding […]

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