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10 Ways to Supercharge Our Dopamine Levels (Feel-Good Hormone)

10 Ways To Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels To Never Feel Sad, Stressed Or Depressed Again

The neurotransmitter called dopamine is released by the brain and it is essential for many bodily functions. It is great for regulating the secretion of prolactin, regulating movement, controlling the center of pleasure and reward, and improving cognitive functions. Since it is very important for our happiness and wellbeing if there are decreased levels of […]

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Try 10 Yoga Poses to Get a Better Shape

Try These 10 Yoga Poses to Get a Better Shape

Sooner or later, we might all have a problem with the way our body looks. It is a real challenge to get a lean body even with a good diet and regular physical exercise. Anyway, there are yoga movements that can do wonders. For more than five thousand years people have been practicing yoga. According […]

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